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jimaging-07-00011-v3.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2021The Neutron Imaging Instrument CONRAD—Post-Operational ReviewKardjilov, Nikolay; Manke, Ingo; Hilger, André; Arlt, Tobias; Bradbury, Robert; Markötter, Henning; Woracek, Robin; Strobl, Markus; Treimer, Wolfgang; Banhart, John-
ADEM_ADEM202000264.pdf.jpg3-Jun-2020Study on Cell Deformation of Low Porosity Aluminum Foams under Quasi‐Static Compression by X‐Ray TomographyWang, Ningzhen; Chen, Xiang; Maire, Eric; Kamm, Paul H.; Cheng, Ying; Li, Yanxiang; García-Moreno, Francisco-
Sun_etal_2018.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2018Visualizing the morphological and compositional evolution of the interface of InLi-anode|thio-LISION electrolyte in an all-solid-state Li–S cell by in operando synchrotron X-ray tomography and energy dispersive diffractionSun, Fu; Dong, Kang; Osenberg, Markus; Hilger, André; Risse, Sebastian; Lu, Yan; Kamm, Paul H.; Klaus, Manuela; Markötter, Henning; García-Moreno, Francisco; Arlt, Tobias; Manke, Ingo-
yang_zi.pdf.jpg2020Multi-stage ageing in an Al-Mg-Si alloyYang, Zi-
metals-10-00189-v2.pdf.jpg28-Jan-2020The Influence of Alloy Composition and Liquid Phase on Foaming of Al−Si−Mg AlloysGarcía-Moreno, Francisco; Radtke, Laurenz Alexander; Neu, Tillmann Robert; Kamm, Paul Hans; Klaus, Manuela; Schlepütz, Christian Matthias; Banhart, John-
dong_kang.pdf.jpg2020Characterization of battery anode materials by X-ray and electron-based imaging techniquesDong, Kang-
zhang_li.pdf.jpg2019Electrochemical performance and structural changes of Na0.67Mn0.67Ni0.33O2 as cathode for sodium ion batteriesZhang, Li-
zhang_xingpu.pdf.jpg2019Influence of Sn addition on the ageing behavior of Al-Mg-Si alloysZhang, Xingpu-
jimaging-04-00023.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2018Imaging with Polarized NeutronsKardjilov, Nikolay; Hilger, André; Manke, Ingo; Strobl, Markus; Banhart, John-
energies-11-02214.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2018In Operando Neutron Radiography Analysis of a High-Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Based on a Phosphoric Acid-Doped Polybenzimidazole Membrane Using the Hydrogen-Deuterium Contrast MethodLin, Yu; Arlt, Tobias; Kardjilov, Nikolay; Manke, Ingo; Lehnert, Werner-
metals-07-00323.pdf.jpg23-Aug-2017Influence of the Heating Rate on the Foaming Behavior of Various Aluminium AlloysNeu, Tillmann Robert; Pfretzschner, Beate; García-Moreno, Francisco; Banhart, John-
energies-12-00350-v2.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2019Influence of Stoichiometry on the Two-Phase Flow Behavior of Proton Exchange Membrane ElectrolyzersPanchenko, Olha; Giesenberg, Lennard; Borgardt, Elena; Zwaygardt, Walter; Kardjilov, Nikolay; Markötter, Henning; Arlt, Tobias; Manke, Ingo; Müller, Martin; Stolten, Detlef; Lehnert, Werner-
metals-07-00298.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2017Coalescence Avalanches in Liquid Aluminum FoamsPaeplow, Marlen; García-Moreno, Francisco; Meagher, Aaron Joseph; Rack, Alexander; Banhart, John-
ning_de.pdf.jpg2019Structural characterisation of A-site deficient Pr2-xNiO4+δ by X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopyNing, De-
neu_tillmann_robert.pdf.jpg2019Einfluss der Kompaktierung auf das Schäumverhalten von pulvermetallurgisch hergestellten MetallhalbzeugenNeu, Tillmann Robert-
mueller_alexander.pdf.jpg2019Schädigungscharakterisierung an Faser-Kunststoff-Verbunden im Schwingversuch mittels Röntgenrefraktionstopographie unter Berücksichtigung der MatrixeigenschaftenMüller, Alexander-
materials-11-01486.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2018An X-ray tomographic study of rechargeable Zn/MnO2 batteriesOsenberg, Markus; Manke, Ingo; Hilger, André; Kardjilov, Nikolay; Banhart, John-
madanat_mazen.pdf.jpg2018Microscopic aspects of ageing in Al-Mg-Si alloysMadanat, Mazen Adel-
kamm_paul.pdf.jpg2018Der Schäumprozess von Aluminiumlegierungen: Tomoskopische Untersuchung der GasnukleationKamm, Paul Hans-
suitability_of_various_complex_hydrides_for_foaming_aluminum_alloys.pdf.jpg2013Suitability of various complex hydrides for foaming aluminum alloysKamm, Paul H.; García-Moreno, Francisco; Jiménez, Catalina; Banhart, John-
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