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ulbricht_carolin.pdf.jpg2018In vivo-Analyse der B-Zell-Rezeptor-Signaltransduktion im KeimzentrumUlbricht, Carolin-
Marba-Ardebol_Anna-Maria.pdf.jpg2018Monitoring of the single-cell morphology for the evaluation of microbial eukaryotic bioprocessesMarbà Ardébol, Anna Maria-
Nov-2016P45 IL-2 therapy reduces renal inflammation and cellular activity of intrarenal CD4+ conventional T cells in lupus prone mice with active lupus nephritisRose, A.; von Spee-Mayer, C.; Kloke, Lutz; Wu, K.; Enghard, P.; Kühl, A.; Humrich, J.Y.; Riemekasten, G.-
1-s2.0-S0939641115001332-main.pdf.jpg2015Chip-based human liver-intestine and liver-skin co-cultureMaschmeyer, Ilka; Hasenberg, Tobias; Jaenicke, Annika; Lindner, Marcus; Lorenz, Alexandra Katharina; Zech, Julie; Garbe, Leif-Alexander; Sonntag, Frank; Hayden, Patrick; Ayehunie, Seyoum; Lauster, Roland; Marx, Uwe; Materne, Eva-Maria-
hasenberg_tobias.pdf.jpg2018Emulating the human vasculature in a Multi-Organ-Chip platformHasenberg, Tobias-
nowak_anna.pdf.jpg2018Optimizing human Treg stability and target specificity for therapeutic applicationsNowak, Anna-
abdirama_dimas.pdf.jpg2017Role of autoantigen-specific T cell subsets in disease pathogenesis and as therapeutic tool in systemic lupus erythematosusAbdirama, Dimas-
bmt-2012-4319.pdf.jpg2012Automated universal chip platform for fluorescence based cellular assaysSchmieder, F.; Schmieder, S.; Eger, R.; Friedrich, S.; Werner, A.; Danz, N.; Marx, Uwe; Sonntag, Frank-
bmt-2012-4213.pdf.jpg2012Hollow fibres integrated in a microfluidic cell culture systemWinkelmann, Claudia; Luo, Y.; Lode, A.; Gelinsky, M.; Marx, Uwe; Sonntag, Frank-
bmt-2012-4064.pdf.jpg2012Automated Micro-PIV measurement in Lab-on-a-Chip systemsBusek, Mathias; Polk, Christoph; Albrecht, Thomas; Marx, Uwe; König, J.; Sonntag, Frank-
koban_robert.pdf.jpg2017Etablierung und Charakterisierung eines dreidimensionalen Zellkulturmodells für KuhpockeninfektionenKoban, Robert-
c5lc00392j.pdf.jpg2015A four-organ-chip for interconnected long-term co-culture of human intestine, liver, skin and kidney equivalentsMaschmeyer, Ilka; Lorenz, Alexandra K.; Schimek, Katharina; Hasenberg, Tobias; Ramme, Anja P.; Hübner, Juliane; Lindner, Marcus; Drewell, Christopher; Bauer, Sophie; Thomas, Alexander; Sambo, Naomia Sisoli; Sonntag, Frank; Lauster, Roland; Marx, Uwe-
gamradt_stefanie.pdf.jpg2017Ex vivo Charakterisierung von humanen Autoantigen-spezifischen CD4+ T-Zellen mit Fokus auf Multiple SkleroseGamradt, Stefanie-
ahlers_jonas.pdf.jpg2017Die Induktion von Interleukin-10 in humanen T-Helfer-Zellen und seine transkriptionelle RegulationAhlers, Jonas-
korup-schulz_sarah-verena.pdf.jpg2017Partielle Charakterisierung der neuartigen humanen Polyomaviren HPyV9 und HPyV12Korup-Schulz, Sarah-Verena-
qazi_taimoor_hasan.pdf.jpg2017Synthetic biomaterial microenvironments to modulate paracrine effects of mesenchymal stromal cells for skeletal muscle regenerationQazi, Taimoor Hasan-
kadler_shirin.pdf.jpg2017Tissue engineered cartilage: how hard can it be?Kadler, Shirin-
richter_marco.pdf.jpg2016Investigation of experimental cell lines and non-invasive online sensor technologies in a 3D bioreactor system for extracorporeal liver support therapyRichter, Marco-
zimmermann_carolin.pdf.jpg2016The role of mast cells in the immune response against bacterial infectionsZimmermann, Carolin-
c3an00248a.pdf.jpg2013Fluorescent optical fiber sensors for cell viability monitoringSergachev, Ilia; Rusanov, Alexander; Trushkin, Evgeny; Sakharov, Dmitry; Marx, Uwe; Tonevitsky, Alexander-
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