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blankenstein_katharina.pdf.jpg2019The calcineurin inhibitor cyclosporine A activates the renal Na-(K)-Cl cotransporters via local and systemic mechanismsBlankenstein, Katharina Ilse-
7-Jun-2018Bioengineering of a Full-Thickness Skin Equivalent in a 96-Well Insert Format for Substance Permeation Studies and Organ-On-A-Chip ApplicationsSchimek, Katharina; Hsu, Hao-Hsiang; Boehme, Moritz; Kornet, Jacob Jan; Marx, Uwe; Lauster, Roland; Pörtner, Ralf; Lindner, Gerd-
fbioe-05-00025.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2017Engineering Blood and Lymphatic Microvascular Networks in Fibrin MatricesKnezevic, Lea; Schaupper, Mira; Mühleder, Severin; Schimek, Katharina; Hasenberg, Tobias; Marx, Uwe; Priglinger, Eleni; Redl, Heinz; Holnthoner, Wolfgang-
11-Sep-20183-Iodothyronamine Activates a Set of Membrane Proteins in Murine Hypothalamic Cell LinesBräunig, Julia; Mergler, Stefan; Jyrch, Sabine; Hoefig, Carolin S.; Rosowski, Mark; Mittag, Jens; Biebermann, Heike; Khajavi, Noushafarin-
22-Mar-2018Bioprinting Perfusion-Enabled Liver Equivalents for Advanced Organ-on-a-Chip ApplicationsGrix, Tobias; Ruppelt, Alicia; Thomas, Alexander; Amler, Anna-Klara; Noichl, Benjamin P.; Lauster, Roland; Kloke, Lutz-
thelen_michael.pdf.jpg2019Altered bone formation response to mechanical loading in a mouse model of the progeroid disorder gerodermia osteodysplasticaThelen, Michael-
klenner_jeanette.pdf.jpg2019Protokoll zur Viromanalyse bei Infektionen unklarer GeneseKlenner, Jeanette-
s41598-019-43468-0.pdf.jpg7-May-2019Emulating the early phases of human tooth development in vitroRosowski, Jennifer; Bräunig, Julia; Amler, Anna-Klara; Strietzel, Frank P.; Lauster, Roland; Rosowski, Mark-
braeunig_julia.pdf.jpg20193-Iodothyronamine and its role in aminergic G-protein coupled receptor signaling and neuromodulationBräunig, Julia-
berger_sarah.pdf.jpg2019Analyse der Hyperinflammation im Verlauf der murinen Pneumokokken-Pneumonie unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Neutrophile-rekrutierenden Chemokins CXCL5Berger, Sarah-
2019Model for tooth development in vitroRosowski, Jennifer-
ulbricht_carolin.pdf.jpg2018In vivo-Analyse der B-Zell-Rezeptor-Signaltransduktion im KeimzentrumUlbricht, Carolin-
Marba-Ardebol_Anna-Maria.pdf.jpg2018Monitoring of the single-cell morphology for the evaluation of microbial eukaryotic bioprocessesMarbà Ardébol, Anna Maria-
Nov-2016P45 IL-2 therapy reduces renal inflammation and cellular activity of intrarenal CD4+ conventional T cells in lupus prone mice with active lupus nephritisRose, A.; von Spee-Mayer, C.; Kloke, Lutz; Wu, K.; Enghard, P.; Kühl, A.; Humrich, J.Y.; Riemekasten, G.-
1-s2.0-S0939641115001332-main.pdf.jpg2015Chip-based human liver-intestine and liver-skin co-cultureMaschmeyer, Ilka; Hasenberg, Tobias; Jaenicke, Annika; Lindner, Marcus; Lorenz, Alexandra Katharina; Zech, Julie; Garbe, Leif-Alexander; Sonntag, Frank; Hayden, Patrick; Ayehunie, Seyoum; Lauster, Roland; Marx, Uwe; Materne, Eva-Maria-
hasenberg_tobias.pdf.jpg2018Emulating the human vasculature in a Multi-Organ-Chip platformHasenberg, Tobias-
nowak_anna.pdf.jpg2018Optimizing human Treg stability and target specificity for therapeutic applicationsNowak, Anna-
abdirama_dimas.pdf.jpg2017Role of autoantigen-specific T cell subsets in disease pathogenesis and as therapeutic tool in systemic lupus erythematosusAbdirama, Dimas-
bmt-2012-4319.pdf.jpg2012Automated universal chip platform for fluorescence based cellular assaysSchmieder, F.; Schmieder, S.; Eger, R.; Friedrich, S.; Werner, A.; Danz, N.; Marx, Uwe; Sonntag, Frank-
bmt-2012-4213.pdf.jpg2012Hollow fibres integrated in a microfluidic cell culture systemWinkelmann, Claudia; Luo, Y.; Lode, A.; Gelinsky, M.; Marx, Uwe; Sonntag, Frank-
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