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c3lc50240f.pdf.jpg2013Chip-based liver equivalents for toxicity testing - organotypicalness versus cost-efficient high throughputMaterne, Eva-Maria; Tonevitsky, Alexander G.; Marx, Uwe-
c3lc50234a.pdf.jpg2013A dynamic multi-organ-chip for long-term cultivation and substance testing proven by 3D human liver and skin tissue co-cultureWagner, Ilka; Materne, Eva-Maria; Brincker, Sven; Süßbier, Ute; Frädrich, Caroline; Busek, Mathias; Sonntag, Frank; Sakharov, Dmitry A.; Trushkin, Evgeny V.; Tonevitsky, Alexander G.; Lauster, Roland; Marx, Uwe-
richter_marco.pdf.jpg2016Investigation of experimental cell lines and non-invasive online sensor technologies in a 3D bioreactor system for extracorporeal liver support therapyRichter, Marco-
c3lc50217a.pdf.jpg2013Integrating biological vasculature into a multi-organ-chip microsystemSchimek, Katharina; Busek, Mathias; Brincker, Sven; Groth, Benjamin; Hoffmann, Silke; Lauster, Roland; Lindner, Gerd; Lorenz, Alexandra; Menzel, Ulrike; Sonntag, Frank; Walles, Heike; Marx, Uwe; Horland, Reyk-
c3an00248a.pdf.jpg2013Fluorescent optical fiber sensors for cell viability monitoringSergachev, Ilia; Rusanov, Alexander; Trushkin, Evgeny; Sakharov, Dmitry; Marx, Uwe; Tonevitsky, Alexander-
qazi_taimoor_hasan.pdf.jpg2017Synthetic biomaterial microenvironments to modulate paracrine effects of mesenchymal stromal cells for skeletal muscle regenerationQazi, Taimoor Hasan-
gamradt_stefanie.pdf.jpg2017Ex vivo Charakterisierung von humanen Autoantigen-spezifischen CD4+ T-Zellen mit Fokus auf Multiple SkleroseGamradt, Stefanie-
hasenberg_tobias.pdf.jpg2018Emulating the human vasculature in a Multi-Organ-Chip platformHasenberg, Tobias-
abdirama_dimas.pdf.jpg2017Role of autoantigen-specific T cell subsets in disease pathogenesis and as therapeutic tool in systemic lupus erythematosusAbdirama, Dimas-
bmt-2012-4064.pdf.jpg2012Automated Micro-PIV measurement in Lab-on-a-Chip systemsBusek, Mathias; Polk, Christoph; Albrecht, Thomas; Marx, Uwe; König, J.; Sonntag, Frank-