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Evolution of fluorinated enzymes: an emerging trend for biocatalyst stabilization

Biava, Hernan; Budisa, Nediljko (2014)

Nature uses remarkably limited sets of chemistries in its repertoire, especially when compared to synthetic organic chemistry. This limits both the chemical and structural diversity that can ultima...

Xenomicrobiology: a roadmap for genetic code engineering

Acevedo-Rocha, Carlos G.; Budisa, Nediljko (2016)

Biology is an analytical and informational science that is becoming increasingly dependent on chemical synthesis. One example is the high-throughput and low-cost synthesis of DNA, which is a founda...

Sense codon emancipation for proteome-wide incorporation of noncanonical amino acids

Bohlke, Nina; Budisa, Nediljko (2014)

One of the major challenges in contemporary synthetic biology is to find a route to engineer synthetic organisms with altered chemical constitution. In terms of core reaction types, nature uses an ...

Adaptation of E. coli towards tryptophan analog usage

Oehm, Stefan (2016)

The presented study set out to change the amino acid set of the genetic code in two different Trp-auxotrophic E. coli strains with the help of the serial transfer regime under constant evolutionary...

Evaluation of bicinchoninic acid as a ligand for copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne bioconjugations

Christen, Erik H.; Gübeli, Raphael J.; Kaufmann, Beate; Merkel, Lars; Schoenmakers, Ronald; Budisa, Nediljko; Fussenegger, Martin; Weber, Wilfried; Wiltschi, Birgit (2012)

The Cu(I)-catalyzed cycloaddition of terminal azides and alkynes (click chemistry) represents a highly specific reaction for the functionalization of biomolecules with chemical moieties such as dye...

Organic fluorine as a polypeptide building element: in vivo expression of fluorinated peptides, proteins and proteomes

Merkel, L.; Budisa, Nediljko (2012)

Traditionally, the biological fluorination of complex biological systems like proteins is achieved through substitution of canonical amino acids or addition of fluorinated amino acids in the contex...

Non-canonical amino acids as a useful synthetic biological tool for lipase-catalysed reactions in hostile environments

Acevedo-Rocha, Carlos G.; Hoesl, Michael G.; Nehring, Sebastian; Royter, Marina; Wolschner, Christina; Wiltschi, Birgit; Antranikian, Garabed; Budisa, Nediljko (2013)

The incorporation of several non-canonical amino acids into the Thermoanaerobacter thermohydrosulfuricus lipase confers not only activity enhancement upon treatment with organic solvents (by up to ...