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Main Title: Music mixes for comparison of wave field synthesis, surround, and stereo
Author(s): Hold, Christoph
Wierstorf, Hagen
Type: Audio
Language Code: en
Abstract: Four different music mixes are provided in the form of loudspeaker driving signals. Each mix was produced for wave field synthesis, surround, and stereo by the same mixing engineer. This allows a direct comparison of the different reproduction methods in listening tests.
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Date Available: 9-Jun-2016
DDC Class: 534 Schall und verwandte Schwingungen
Subject(s): WFS
Spatial audio
Music Mix
Appears in Collections:FG Assessment of IP-based Applications » Research Data

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brew2-stereo.wavThe Brew - What I want (excerpt) --- Stereo mix39.28 MBWAVView/Open
brew2-surround.wavThe Brew - What I want (excerpt) --- Surround mix117.83 MBWAVView/Open
brew2-wfs.wavThe Brew - What I want (excerpt) --- WFS mix1.12 GBWAVView/Open
brew-surround.wavThe Brew - What I want --- Surround mix243.93 MBWAVView/Open
brew-stereo.wavThe Brew - What I want --- Stereo mix81.31 MBWAVView/Open
lighthouse2-stereo.wavThe Roscoe - Lighthouse (excerpt) --- Stereo mix29.29 MBWAVView/Open
lighthouse2-surround.wavThe Roscoe - Lighthouse (excerpt) --- Surround mix87.86 MBWAVView/Open
brew-wfs.wavThe Brew - What I want --- WFS mix2.32 GBWAVView/Open
lighthouse2-wfs.wavThe Roscoe - Lighthouse (excerpt) --- WFS mix834.63 MBWAVView/Open
lighthouse-stereo.wavThe Roscoe - Lighthouse --- Stereo mix72.34 MBWAVView/Open
lighthouse-surround.wavThe Roscoe - Lighthouse --- Surround mix217.01 MBWAVView/Open
sister-stereo.wavHop Along - Sister Cities --- Stereo mix97.5 MBWAVView/Open
sister-surround.wavHop Along - Sister Cities --- Surround mix292.51 MBWAVView/Open
lighthouse-wfs.wavThe Roscoe - Lighthouse --- WFS mix2.06 GBWAVView/Open
toynbee-stereo.wavLushlife - Toynbee Suite --- Stereo mix36.18 MBWAVView/Open
toynbee-surround.wavLushlife - Toynbee Suite --- Surround mix108.53 MBWAVView/Open
sister-wfs.wavHop Along - Sister Cities --- WFS mix2.78 GBWAVView/Open
toynbee-wfs.wavLushlife - Toynbee Suite --- WFS mix1.03 GBWAVView/Open
README.txtSummary of content1.58 kBTextView/Open
ssr_wfs_scenes.zipSoundScape Renderer WFS mixing scenes7.43 kBZIP ArchiveView/Open

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