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Main Title: On the structural integrity and electrochemical activity of a 0.5Li(2)MnO(3)center dot 0.5LiCoO(2) cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Author(s): Rana, Jatinkumar
Klöpsch, Richard
Li, Jie
Scherb, Tobias
Schumacher, Gerhard
Winter, Martin
Banhart, John
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: Structural changes in a 0.5Li2MnO3·0.5LiCoO2cathode material were investigated by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. It is observed that both Li2MnO3and LiCoO2components of the material exist as separate domains, however, with some exchange of transition metal (TM) ions in their slab layers. A large irreversible capacity observed during activation of the material in the 1stcycle can be attributed to an irreversible oxygen release from Li2MnO3domains during lithium extraction. The average valence state of manganese ions remains unchanged at 4+ during charge and discharge. In the absence of conventional redox processes, lithium extraction/reinsertion from/into Li2MnO3domains occurs with the participation of oxygen anions in redox reactions and most likely involves the ion-exchange process. In contrast, lithium deintercalation/intercalation from/into LiCoO2domains occurs topotactically, involving a conventional Co3+/Co4+redox reaction. The presence of Li2MnO3domains and their unusual participation in electrochemical processes enable LiCoO2domains of the material to sustain a higher cut-off voltage without undergoing irreversible structural changes.
Issue Date: 2014
Date Available: 22-Jun-2016
DDC Class: 540 Chemie und zugeordnete Wissenschaften
530 Physik
Sponsor/Funder: EC/EFRE/200720132-35/EU//BATMAT
Journal Title: Journal of materials chemistry : A, Materials for energy and sustainability
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Publisher Place: Cambridge
Volume: 2
Issue: 24
Publisher DOI: 10.1039/c4ta01161a
Page Start: 9099
Page End: 9110
EISSN: 2050-7488
Notes: Dieser Beitrag ist mit Zustimmung des Rechteinhabers aufgrund einer (DFG geförderten) Allianz- bzw. Nationallizenz frei zugänglich.
This publication is with permission of the rights owner freely accessible due to an Alliance licence and a national licence (funded by the DFG, German Research Foundation) respectively.
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