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Proteomics of a fuzzy organelle: interphase chromatin

Kustatscher, Georg; Hégarat, Nadia; Wills, Karen L. H.; Furlan, Cristina; Bukowski-Wills, Jimi-Carlo; Hochegger, Helfrid; Rappsilber, Juri (2014)

Chromatin proteins mediate replication, regulate expression, and ensure integrity of the genome. So far, a comprehensive inventory of interphase chromatin has not been determined. This is largely d...

Blind testing of cross-linking/mass spectrometry hybrid methods in CASP11

Schneider, Michael; Belsom, Adam; Rappsilber, Juri; Brock, Oliver (2016)

Hybrid approaches combine computational methods with experimental data. The information contained in the experimental data can be leveraged to probe the structure of proteins otherwise elusive to c...

Multiclassifier combinatorial proteomics of organelle shadows at the example of mitochondria in chromatin data

Kustatscher, Georg; Grabowski, Piotr; Rappsilber, Juri (2016)

Subcellular localization is an important aspect of protein function, but the protein composition of many intracellular compartments is poorly characterized. For example, many nuclear bodies are cha...

Transposon-driven transcription is a conserved feature of vertebrate spermatogenesis and transcript evolution

Davis, Matthew P.; Carrieri, Claudia; Saini, Harpreet K.; van Dongen, Stijn; Leonardi, Tommaso; Bussotti, Giovanni; Monahan, Jack M.; Auchynnikava, Tania; Bitetti, Angelo; Rappsilber, Juri; Allshire, Robin C.; Shkumatava, Alena; O'Carroll, Dónal; Enright, Anton J. (2017)

Spermatogenesis is associated with major and unique changes to chromosomes and chromatin. Here, we sought to understand the impact of these changes on spermatogenic transcriptomes. We show that lon...

Quality assurance in immunoassay performance – carbamazepine immunoassay format evaluation and application on surface and waste water

Grandke, Julia; Oberleitner, Lidia; Resch-Genger, Ute; Garbe, Leif-Alexander; Schneider, Rudolf J. (2013)

Carbamazepine (CBZ) is one of the most frequently detected pharmaceuticals in water samples. For the determination of this anthropogenic marker, various immunoassay formats were tested and evaluate...