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Main Title: Evaluation of bicinchoninic acid as a ligand for copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne bioconjugations
Author(s): Christen, Erik H.
Gübeli, Raphael J.
Kaufmann, Beate
Merkel, Lars
Schoenmakers, Ronald
Budisa, Nediljko
Fussenegger, Martin
Weber, Wilfried
Wiltschi, Birgit
Type: Article
Language Code: en
Abstract: The Cu(I)-catalyzed cycloaddition of terminal azides and alkynes (click chemistry) represents a highly specific reaction for the functionalization of biomolecules with chemical moieties such as dyes or polymer matrices. In this study we evaluate the use of bicinchoninic acid (BCA) as a ligand for Cu(I) under physiological reaction conditions. We demonstrate that the BCA–Cu(I)-complex represents an efficient catalyst for the conjugation of fluorophores or biotin to alkyne- or azide-functionalized proteins resulting in increased or at least equal reaction yields compared to commonly used catalysts like Cu(I) in complex with TBTA (tris[(1-benzyl-1H-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)methyl]amine) or BPAA (bathophenanthroline disulfonic acid). The stabilization of Cu(I) with BCA represents a new strategy for achieving highly efficient bioconjugation reactions under physiological conditions in many application fields.
Issue Date: 2012
Date Available: 28-Jun-2016
DDC Class: 540 Chemie und zugeordnete Wissenschaften
Sponsor/Funder: EC/FP7/259043/EU/Computing Biomaterials/COMPBIOMAT
DFG, EXC 294, BIOSS Zentrum für Biologische Signalstudien - von der Analyse zur Synthese
DFG, GSC 4, Spemann Graduiertenschule für Biologie und Medizin (SGBM)
Journal Title: Organic & biomolecular chemistry : OBC
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Publisher Place: Cambridge
Volume: 10
Issue: 33
Publisher DOI: 10.1039/c2ob25556a
Page Start: 6629
Page End: 6632
EISSN: 1477-0520
Notes: Dieser Beitrag ist mit Zustimmung des Rechteinhabers aufgrund einer (DFG geförderten) Allianz- bzw. Nationallizenz frei zugänglich.
This publication is with permission of the rights owner freely accessible due to an Alliance licence and a national licence (funded by the DFG, German Research Foundation) respectively.
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