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TestTools – Entwicklung und Validierung von schnellen Testmethoden zum Spurenstoffverhalten in technischen und natürlichen Barrieren des urbanen Wasserkreislaufs

Zietzschmann, Frederik ; Stapf, Michael ; Sperlich, Alexander ; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian ; Miehe, Ulf ; Gnirß, Regnia ; Jekel, Martin (2018)

Das Verbundprojekt „TestTools“ hat vielfältige Untersuchungen zur Verwendbarkeit unterschiedlicher Testmethoden hinsichtlich des Spurenstoffverhaltens in natürlichen und technischen Barrieren durchgeführt. Entsprechend der gewonnenen Ergebnisse können die folgenden knapp zusammengefassten Aussagen getätigt werden. Zur Pulveraktivkohle-(PAK)-Dosierung im Labor sollten benetzte, entgaste Stamms...

Conditioning fixed-bed filters with fine fractions of granulated iron hydroxide (µGFH)

Hilbrandt, Inga ; Ruhl, Aki S. ; Jekel, Martin (2018-09-25)

The fine fraction of granular ferric hydroxide (µGFH, <0.3 mm) is a promising adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals and phosphate, but properties of µGFH were hitherto not known. The present study aimed at characterizing µGFH regarding its physical and chemical properties and at evaluating methods for the conditioning of fixed-bed filters in order to develop a process that combines filtrati...

The role of water level fluctuations in the promotion of phytoplankton and macrophyte pioneer species in a tropical reservoir in the Brazilian semiarid

Maciel Barros Lima, Débora (2018)

In the semiarid northeast Brazil, water paucity instigates multiple uses of reservoirs, such as hydropower production, drinking water supply, water supply for livestock and for irrigation, fisheries, aquaculture and leisure activities. As consequence of high anthropogenic pressure, most reservoirs in this region are fragile and eutrophicated systems. Blooms of algae and macrophytes are commonly...

Greenhouse gases emissions in a semi-arid reservoir in Northeastern Brazil

Rodríguez Góngora, Maricela (2018)

Total emissions of the greenhouse gases (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) from the Itaparica, a semi-arid reservoir, were estimated about 2.3 × 105 ± 0.75 × 105 t C yr-1 or 1.33 × 106 ± 0.45 × 106 t CO2-eq yr-1. Diffusion across the water surface was the main pathway accounting for 96 % of total carbon emissions. Ebullition was limited to littoral areas. A slight accumulation of CO2,...

Invertebraten in Trinkwasserverteilungssystemen

Michels, Ute (2018)

The central theme of this dissertation is the presence of invertebrates in drinking water distribution systems. The presented analyses are based on investigations in various drinking water networks during the 2003-2015 period, primarily conducted as part of water management monitoring programs. Some data was collected in the framework of the "Development of a mobile sampling and measuring syste...

Analysis of community based nature oriented surface water treatment

Chakrabarti, Ronjon (2017)

In this thesis the development, implementation and analysis of a full scale pilot for drinking water supply is elaborated. The intention of the study lies in identifying and verifying methodologies, technologies and approaches which lead to the sustainable setup of water resource protection, water purification and distribution, with the aim of providing safe drinking water to all people in an a...