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water-13-00276.pdf.jpg24-Jan-2021Water Lice and Other Macroinvertebrates in Drinking Water Pipes: Diversity, Abundance and Health RiskGunkel, Günter; Michels, Ute; Scheideler, Michael-
water-12-03436-v3.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2020Particle Size and Pre-Treatment Effects on Polystyrene Microplastic Settlement in Water: Implications for Environmental Behavior and Ecotoxicological TestsEitzen, Lars; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian; Jekel, Martin-
fmicb-11-601864.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2020Episodic Decrease in Temperature Increases mcy Gene Transcription and Cellular Microcystin in Continuous Cultures of Microcystis aeruginosa PCC 7806Martin, Robbie M.; Moniruzzaman, Mohammad; Stark, Gwendolyn F.; Gann, Eric R.; Derminio, Dominique S.; Wei, Bofan; Hellweger, Ferdi L.; Pinto, Ameet; Boyer, Gregory L.; Wilhelm, Steven W.-
water-12-02361-v2.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2020Interacting Effects of Polystyrene Microplastics and the Antidepressant Amitriptyline on Early Life Stages of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta f. fario)Schmieg, Hannah; Burmester, Janne K.Y.; Krais, Stefanie; Ruhl, Aki S.; Tisler, Selina; Zwiener, Christian; Köhler, Heinz-R.; Triebskorn, Rita-
mikroplastik_im_wasserkreislauf.pdf.jpg2020Mikroplastik im WasserkreislaufJekel, Martin; Anger, Philipp; Bannick, Claus Gerhard; Barthel, Anne-Kathrin; Braun, Ulrike; Braunbeck, Thomas; Dittmar, Stefan; Eisentraut, Paul; Elsner, Martin; Gnirß, Regina; Grummt, Tamara; Hanslik, Lisa; Huppertsberg, Sven; Ivleva, Natalia P.; Klöckner, Philipp; Knepper, Thomas P.; Köhler, Heinz-R.; Krais, Stefanie; Kuckelkorn, Jochen; May, Elisabeth; Müller, Yanina Katharina; Nießner, Reinhard; Obermaier, Nathan; Oehlmann, Jörg; Pittroff, Marco; Reemtsma, Thorsten; Schmieg, Hannah; Schmitt, Thomas; Schür, Christoph; Storck, Florian Rüdiger; Strobel, Claudia; Triebskorn, Rita; Wagner, Martin; Wagner, Stephan; Witzig, Cordula Sonja; Zumbülte, Nicole; Ruhl, Aki SebastianJekel, Martin; Dittmar, Stefan; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian
s41598-020-63481-y.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2020Specific adsorption sites and conditions derived by thermal decomposition of activated carbons and adsorbed carbamazepineDittmann, Daniel; Eisentraut, Paul; Goedecke, Caroline; Wiesner, Yosri; Jekel, Martin; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian; Braun, Ulrike-
c9ra04865k.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2019Quantification and isotherm modelling of competitive phosphate and silicate adsorption onto micro-sized granular ferric hydroxideHilbrandt, Inga; Lehmann, Vito; Zietzschmann, Frederik; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian; Jekel, Martin-
environments-06-00062.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2019Management of Tropical River Basins and Reservoirs under Water Stress: Experiences from Northeast BrazilMarques, Érika Tavares; Gunkel, Günter; Sobral, Maria Carmo-
water-09-00479.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2017Fate of Trace Organic Compounds in Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Adsorbers for Drinking Water TreatmentSperlich, Alexander; Harder, Mareike; Zietzschmann, Frederik; Gnirss, Regina-
water-09-00221.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2017Advancing Sequential Managed Aquifer Recharge Technology (SMART) Using Different Intermediate Oxidation ProcessesHellauer, Karin; Mergel, Dorothea; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian; Filter, Josefine; Hübner, Uwe; Jekel, Martin; Drewes, Jörg E.-
water-09-00298.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2017Understanding and Control of Biopolymer Fouling in Ultrafiltration of Different Water TypesZheng, Xing; Zietzschmann, Frederik; Plume, Stephan; Paar, Hendrik; Ernst, Mathias; Wang, Zi; Jekel, Martin-
water-09-00349.pdf.jpg16-May-2017Impacts of Accumulated Particulate Organic Matter on Oxygen Consumption and Organic Micro-Pollutant Elimination in Bank Filtration and Soil Aquifer TreatmentFilter, Josefine; Jekel, Martin; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian-
TestTools_Abschlussbericht.pdf.jpg2018TestTools – Entwicklung und Validierung von schnellen Testmethoden zum Spurenstoffverhalten in technischen und natürlichen Barrieren des urbanen WasserkreislaufsZietzschmann, Frederik; Stapf, Michael; Sperlich, Alexander; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian; Miehe, Ulf; Gnirß, Regina; Jekel, MartinJekel, Martin; Zietzschmann, Frederik
water-10-01324.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2018Conditioning fixed-bed filters with fine fractions of granulated iron hydroxide (µGFH)Hilbrandt, Inga; Ruhl, Aki Sebastian; Jekel, Martin-
lima_debora.pdf.jpg2018The role of water level fluctuations in the promotion of phytoplankton and macrophyte pioneer species in a tropical reservoir in the Brazilian semiaridMaciel Barros Lima, Débora-
rodriguez_maricela.pdf.jpg2018Greenhouse gases emissions in a semi-arid reservoir in Northeastern BrazilRodríguez Góngora, Maricela-
michels_ute.pdf.jpg2018Invertebraten in TrinkwasserverteilungssystemenMichels, Ute-
chakrabarti_ronjon.pdf.jpg2017Analysis of community based nature oriented surface water treatmentChakrabarti, Ronjon-
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