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An Architecture for a Next Generation VoIP Transmission System

Hoene, Christian ; Clüver, Kai ; Weil, Jan (2007)

Packetized speech transmission systems implemented with Voice over IP are gaining momentum against the traditional circuit switched systems despite the fact that packet switched VoIP is two to three times less efficient than its circuit switched counterpart. At the same time, it only supports a rather bad “toll” quality. We believe that it is time for a new architecture developed from scratch –...

Security by similarity: information-theoretic secrecy and decentralized detection algorithms for wireless networks

Mohammadi, Jafar (2017)

The broadcasting attribute of the wireless communication channel poses severe security vulnerabilities since any adversary node in the range of reception is able to listen as well as to disrupt the ongoing communication. This dissertation considers the problem of security from two different perspectives: The information-theoretic approach at the physical-layer to avert eavesdropping and central...

Low complexity embedded fingerprint verification and identification system

Sun, Wei (2016)

A qualified fingerprint verification and identification system should resolve most of the problems of fingerprint image enhancement and fingerprint matching. In practice, the fingerprint images are not ideal and may have totally different qualities when the fingers are too moist too dry, improperly placed, or from some users who are engaged in heavy manual work. Furthermore nonlinear deformatio...