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The induction and function of the transcription factor c-myc in macrophages during pneumococcal pneumonia and legionellosis

Kabus, Christin Sophia (2017)

For infectious diseases, effective defense mechanisms which constitute an efficient innate host response are the keys to eliminate invading pathogens. According to different studies, the pathogenic...

Application and de novo design of artificial gene switches for Aspergillus niger

Schütze, Tabea (2017)

Aspergillus niger ist ein filamentöser Pilz, der industriell für die Produktion von organischen Säuren und Proteinen genutzt wird. In den letzten Jahren konnte darüber hinaus die Produktion von hom...

Engineering of Aspergillus niger for the production of secondary metabolites

Richter, Lennart; Wanka, Franziska; Boecker, Simon; Storm, Dirk; Kurt, Tutku; Vural, Özlem; Süßmuth, Roderich; Meyer, Vera (2014)

Background: Filamentous fungi can each produce dozens of secondary metabolites which are attractive as therapeutics, drugs, antimicrobials, flavour compounds and other high-value chemicals. Further...

Tet-on, or tet-off, that is the question: advanced conditional gene expression in Aspergillus

Wanka, Franziska; Cairns, Timothy; Boecker, Simon; Berens, Christian; Happel, Anna; Zheng, Xiaomei; Sun, Jibin; Krappmann, Sven; Meyer, Vera (2016)

In Aspergillus, controlled gene expression is often achieved using the reverse tetracycline-controlled transactivator (rtTA) dependent Tet-on system, whereby transcription is activated in a titrata...

Gen- und verfahrenstechnische Ansätze zur Optimierung von Aspergillus niger als Expressionsplattform

Wanka, Franziska (2016)

Aspergillus niger has the ability to synthesise large amounts of acids and proteins, and to secrete these into the environment. This particular property is used in biotechnology to produce platform...