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wanka_etal_2016.pdf.jpg2016Tet-on, or tet-off, that is the question: advanced conditional gene expression in AspergillusWanka, Franziska; Cairns, Timothy C.; Boecker, Simon; Berens, Christian; Happel, Anna, et al-
Schäpe et al. 2018.pdf.jpg2018Updating genome annotation for the microbial cell factory Aspergillus niger using gene co-expression networksSchäpe, Paul; Kwon, Min Jin; Baumann, Birgit; Gutschmann, Björn; Jung, Sascha, et al-
s40694-018-0054-5.pdf.jpg24-May-2018How a fungus shapes biotechnology: 100 years of Aspergillus niger researchCairns, Timothy C.; Nai, Corrado; Meyer, Vera-
s13068-019-1400-4.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2019Moulding the mould: understanding and reprogramming filamentous fungal growth and morphogenesis for next generation cell factoriesCairns, Timothy C.; Zheng, Xiaomei; Zheng, Ping; Sun, Jibin; Meyer, Vera-
Functional_2019.pdf.jpg9-Nov-2019Functional exploration of co-expression networks identifies a nexus for modulating protein and citric acid titres in Aspergillus niger submerged cultureCairns, Timothy C.; Feurstein, Claudia; Zheng, Xiaomei; Zhang, Li Hui; Zheng, Ping, et al-
fmicb-09-00878.pdf.jpg8-May-2018Conditional expression of the small GTPase ArfA impacts secretion, morphology, growth, and actin ring position in Aspergillus nigerFiedler, Markus R. M.; Cairns, Timothy C.; Koch, Oliver; Kubisch, Christin; Meyer, Vera-
Cairns2019_Article_AQuantitativeImageAnalysisPipe.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2019A quantitative image analysis pipeline for the characterization of filamentous fungal morphologies as a tool to uncover targets for morphology engineering: a case study using aplD in Aspergillus nigerCairns, Timothy C.; Feurstein, Claudia; Zheng, Xiaomei; Zheng, Ping; Sun, Jibin, et al-