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Toward microbioreactor arrays

Glauche, Florian ; John, Gernot T. ; Arain, Sarina ; Knepper, Andreas ; Neubauer, Antje ; Goelling, Detlef ; Lang, Christine ; Violet, Norman ; King, Rudibert ; Neubauer, Peter (2015)

In this study, a slow-responding chemo-optical sensor for dissolved oxygen (DO) integrated into a 96-well plate was developed. The slow response time ensures that the measured oxygen value does not change much during plate transport to the microplate reader. The sensor therefore permits at-line DO measurement of microbial cultures. Moreover, it eliminates the necessity of individual optical mea...

Impact of oscillations in substrate and oxygen availability on Corynebacterium glutamicum cultivations

Lemoine, Anja Irene (2017)

Corynebacterium glutamicum is a microorganism which is highly relevant for industrial large scale applications. Nowadays, it is mainly used for amino acid production in the food and feed industry in a scale of several hundred cubic meters. Furthermore, it is a promising candidate for the production of bulk chemicals such as the biopolymer precursor Cadaverine. Gradient formation occurs in indus...