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emmanuel_etal_2017.pdf.jpg25-May-2017Modelling overflow metabolism in Escherichia coli by acetate cyclingAnane, Emmanuel; López Cárdenas, Diana Carolina; Neubauer, Peter; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
anane_etal_2018.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2018Modelling concentration gradients in fed‐batch cultivations of E. coli – towards the flexible design of scale‐down experimentsAnane, Emmanuel; Sawatzki, Annina; Neubauer, Peter; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
catalysts-09-00997.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2019Human Deoxycytidine Kinase Is a Valuable Biocatalyst for the Synthesis of Nucleotide AnaloguesHellendahl, Katja F.; Kamel, Sarah; Wetterwald, Albane; Neubauer, Peter; Wagner, Anke-
microorganisms-06-00060-v2.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2018Automated Cell Treatment for Competence and Transformation of Escherichia coli in a High-Throughput Quasi-Turbidostat Using Microtiter PlatesHans, Sebastian; Gimpel, Matthias; Glauche, Florian; Neubauer, Peter; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
14-Feb-2020Model reduction of aerobic bioprocess models for efficient simulationDuan, Zhaoyang; Wilms, Terrance; Neubauer, Peter; Kravaris, Costas; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
barz_etal_2018.pdf.jpg3-May-2018Adaptive optimal operation of a parallel robotic liquid handling stationBarz, Tilman; Sommer, Andreas; Wilms, Terrance; Neubauer, Peter; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
antibiotics-08-00168.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2019Characterization of the Metabolic Response of Streptomyces clavuligerus to Shear Stress in Stirred Tanks and Single-Use 2D Rocking Motion Bioreactors for Clavulanic Acid ProductionGómez-Ríos, David; Junne, Stefan; Neubauer, Peter; Ochoa, Silvia; Ríos-Estepa, Rigoberto, et al-
bioengineering-06-00085.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2019In-Line Monitoring of Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) Production during High-Cell-Density Plant Oil Cultivations Using Photon Density Wave SpectroscopyGutschmann, Björn; Schiewe, Thomas; Weiske, Manon T.H.; Neubauer, Peter; Hass, Roland, et al-
microorganisms-08-00192-v2.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2020A Big World in Small Grain: A Review of Natural Milk Kefir StartersNejati, Fatemeh; Junne, Stefan; Neubauer, Peter-
processes-08-00321-v2.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2020Single-Use Printed Biosensor for L-Lactate and Its Application in Bioprocess MonitoringTheuer, Lorenz; Randek, Judit; Junne, Stefan; Neubauer, Peter; Mandenius, Carl-Fredrik, et al-