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7-Jun-2021Editorial: Continuous Biomanufacturing in Microbial SystemsHerwig, Christoph; Slouka, Christoph; Neubauer, Peter; Delvigne, Frank-
2021Analytical methods and thermodynamic frameworks for efficient biocatalytic nucleoside synthesis via nucleoside phosphorylasesKaspar, Felix-
microorganisms-09-00780-v2.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2021The Nonribosomal Peptide Valinomycin: From Discovery to Bioactivity and BiosynthesisHuang, Shuhui; Liu, Yushi; Liu, Wan-Qiu; Neubauer, Peter; Li, Jian-
fbioe-09-623890.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2021Substrate-Flexible Two-Stage Fed-Batch Cultivations for the Production of the PHA Copolymer P(HB-co-HHx) With Cupriavidus necator Re2058/pCB113Santolin, Lara; Waldburger, Saskia; Neubauer, Peter; Riedel, Sebastian L.-
Saad_etal_Low-quality_2021.pdf.jpg26-Dec-2020Low-quality animal by-product streams for the production of PHA-biopolymers: fats, fat/protein-emulsions and materials with high ash content as low-cost feedstocksSaad, Victoria; Gutschmann, Björn; Grimm, Thomas; Widmer, Torsten; Neubauer, Peter; Riedel, Sebastian L.-
Kaspar_etal_Route_2021.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2020Route efficiency assessment and review of the synthesis of β-nucleosides via N-glycosylation of nucleobasesKaspar, Felix; Stone, M. Rhia L.; Neubauer, Peter; Kurreck, Anke-
wirth_benjamin.pdf.jpg2021Anaerobic treatment of liquid by-products from hydrothermal carbonization of biomassWirth, Benjamin-
CPHC_CPHC202000901.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2020Kinetic Analysis of the Hydrolysis of Pentose‐1‐phosphates through Apparent Nucleoside Phosphorolysis Equilibrium ShiftsKaspar, Felix; Neubauer, Peter; Kurreck, Anke-
budhraja_rohit.pdf.jpg2021Comparative metalloproteomic study in anaerobically respiring microorganismsBudhraja, Rohit-
Fan_etal_Heterologous_2020.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2020Heterologous hydrogenase overproduction systems for biotechnology—An overviewFan, Qin; Neubauer, Peter; Lenz, Oliver; Gimpel, Matthias-
bioengineering-07-00145.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2020Automated Conditional Screening of Multiple Escherichia coli Strains in Parallel Adaptive Fed-Batch CultivationsHans, Sebastian; Haby, Benjamin; Krausch, Niels; Barz, Tilman; Neubauer, Peter; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
1.5125264.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2019Spiral microfluidic devices for cell separation and sorting in bioprocessesHerrmann, Niklas; Neubauer, Peter; Birkholz, Mario-
microorganisms-08-01255.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2020A Genome-Scale Insight into the Effect of Shear Stress During the Fed-Batch Production of Clavulanic Acid by Streptomyces ClavuligerusGómez-Ríos, David; López-Agudelo, Victor A.; Ramírez-Malule, Howard; Neubauer, Peter; Junne, Stefan; Ochoa, Silvia; Ríos-Estepa, Rigoberto-
corcoles_garcia_angel.pdf.jpg2020Molecular genetic approaches to decrease mis-incorporation of non-canonical branched chain amino acids into a recombinant protein in Escherichia coliCórcoles García, Ángel-
fmicb-11-581401.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2020Identification of the Unwinding Region in the Clostridioides difficile Chromosomal Origin of ReplicationOliveira Paiva, Ana M.; van Eijk, Erika; Friggen, Annemieke H.; Weigel, Christoph; Smits, Wiep Klaas-
fbioe-08-00944.pdf.jpg7-Aug-2020Recovery of the PHA Copolymer P(HB-co-HHx) With Non-halogenated Solvents: Influences on Molecular Weight and HHx-ContentBartels, Moritz; Gutschmann, Björn; Widmer, Torsten; Grimm, Thomas; Neubauer, Peter; Riedel, Sebastian L.-
micromachines-11-00954-v2.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2020An Approach to Ring Resonator Biosensing Assisted by Dielectrophoresis: Design, Simulation and FabricationHenriksson, Anders; Kasper, Laura; Jäger, Matthias; Neubauer, Peter; Birkholz, Mario-
energies-13-05555.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2020Role of Microbial Hydrolysis in Anaerobic DigestionMenzel, Theresa; Neubauer, Peter; Junne, Stefan-
processes-08-01307-v2.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2020Adaptive Monitoring of Biotechnological Processes KineticsLyubenova, Velislava; Ignatova, Maya; Roeva, Olympia; Junne, Stefan; Neubauer, Peter-
JFDS_JFDS15307.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2020Model based optimization of transflection near infrared spectroscopy as a process analytical tool in a continuous flash pasteurizerWeishaupt, Imke; Zimmer, Manuel; Neubauer, Peter; Schneider, Jan-
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