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reitz_christian.pdf.jpg2017Impacts of oscillating cultivation conditions on the quality of recombinant inclusion bodies in Escherichia coliReitz, Christian-
bockisch_anika.pdf.jpg2018Mobile multi-parameter measurements for the dynamic analysis of gradients in brewing vesselsBockisch, Anika-
koegler_martin.pdf.jpg2018Advanced Raman spectroscopy for bioprocess monitoringKögler, Martin-
26-Jul-2018Heterologous biosynthesis, modifications and structural characterization of ruminococcin-A, a lanthipeptide from the gut bacterium Ruminococcus gnavus E1, in Escherichia coliOngey, Elvis Legala; Giessmann, Robert; Fons, Michel; Rappsilber, Juri; Adrian, Lorenz, et al-
arzate_salgado_juanantonio.pdf.jpg2019Modeling and simulation of biogas production based on anaerobic digestion of energy crops and manureArzate Salgado, Juan Antonio-
schmid_michael.pdf.jpg2019CFD-basierte evolutions­strategische Black-Box-Optimierung zur Abschätzung des Potentials des Bionikpropellers im realen Einsatz am SchiffSchmid, Michael-
ongey_elvis_legala.pdf.jpg2018Reconstruction of the lantibiotic ruminococcin-A biosynthesis machinery in Escherichia coli and structural characterizationOngey, Elvis Legala-
4-Dec-2018Electrooptical Determination of Polarizability for On-Line Viability and Vitality Quantification of Lactobacillus plantarum CulturesPellicer-Alborch, Klaus; Angersbach, Alexander; Neubauer, Peter; Junne, Stefan-
Kögler et al. 2016.pdf.jpg2016Detection of Listeria innocua on roll-to-roll produced SERS substrates with gold nanoparticlesUusitalo, S.; Kögler, Martin; Välimaa, A.-L.; Popov, A.; Ryabchikov, Yu, et al-
glauche_florian.pdf.jpg2018Platform technologies for automated bioprocess developmentGlauche, Florian-