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bockisch_anika.pdf.jpg2018Mobile multi-parameter measurements for the dynamic analysis of gradients in brewing vesselsBockisch, Anika-
koegler_martin.pdf.jpg2018Advanced Raman spectroscopy for bioprocess monitoringKögler, Martin-
arzate_salgado_juanantonio.pdf.jpg2019Modeling and simulation of biogas production based on anaerobic digestion of energy crops and manureArzate Salgado, Juan Antonio-
schmid_michael.pdf.jpg2019CFD-basierte evolutions­strategische Black-Box-Optimierung zur Abschätzung des Potentials des Bionikpropellers im realen Einsatz am SchiffSchmid, Michael-
Kögler et al. 2016.pdf.jpg2016Detection of Listeria innocua on roll-to-roll produced SERS substrates with gold nanoparticlesUusitalo, S.; Kögler, Martin; Välimaa, A.-L.; Popov, A.; Ryabchikov, Yu, et al-
lemoine_anja.pdf.jpg2017Impact of oscillations in substrate and oxygen availability on Corynebacterium glutamicum cultivationsLemoine, Anja Irene-
2211068215573924.pdf.jpg2015Toward microbioreactor arraysGlauche, Florian; John, Gernot T.; Arain, Sarina; Knepper, Andreas; Neubauer, Antje, et al-
Knepper_et_al_2014.pdf.jpg2014Robotic Platform for Parallelized Cultivation and Monitoring of Microbial Growth Parameters in Microwell PlatesKnepper, Andreas; Heiser, Michael; Glauche, Florian; Neubauer, Peter-
ertem-kappler_funda.pdf.jpg2019Life cycle assessment and modeling approaches as a combined evaluation tool for sustainable control strategies at biogas plantsErtem-Kappler, Funda Cansu-
28-Jan-2019Is Ghana Ready to Attain Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Number 7?—A Comprehensive Assessment of Its Renewable Energy Potential and PitfallsAcheampong, Michael; Yu, Qiuyan; Cansu Ertem, Funda; Deba Enomah Ebude, Lucy; Tanim, Shakhawat, et al-