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schultze-kraft_matthias.pdf.jpg2016Brain-computer interfaces for cognitive neuroscience and advanced mental state assessmentSchultze-Kraft, Matthias-
samek_etal_2016.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2016Multiscale temporal neural dynamics predict performance in a complex sensorimotor taskSamek, Wojciech; Blythe, Duncan A. J.; Curio, Gabriel; Klaus-Robert, Müller; Blankertz, Benjamin, et al-
143-621-1-PB.pdf.jpg2016Presenting a Spatial-Geometric EEG Feature to Classify BMD and Schizophrenic PatientsAlimardani, Fatemeh; Boostani, Reza; Blankertz, Benjamin-
sannelli_etal_2016.pdf.jpg17-May-2016Ensembles of adaptive spatial filters increase BCI performance: an online evaluationSannelli, Claudia; Vidaurre, Carmen; Müller, Klaus-Robert; Blankertz, Benjamin-
schultze-kraft_et_al_2016.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2016Unsupervised classification of operator workload from brain signalsSchultze-Kraft, Matthias; Dähne, Sven; Gugler, Manfred; Curio, Gabriel; Blankertz, Benjamin-
uscumlic_blankertz_2016.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2016Active visual search in non-stationary scenes: coping with temporal variability and uncertaintyUšćumlić, Marija; Blankertz, Benjamin-
Information.pdf.jpg2016Is Neural Activity Detected by ERP-based Brain-Computer Interfaces Task Specific? - Data setWenzel, Markus; Almeida, Inês; Blankertz, Benjamin-
wenzel_et_al_2016.PDF.jpg28-Oct-2016Is Neural Activity Detected by ERP-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces Task Specific?Wenzel, Markus A.; Almeida, Inês; Blankertz, Benjamin-
fnins-10-00530-g0001.tif.jpg21-Nov-2016The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface: Progress Beyond Communication and ControlBlankertz, Benjamin; Acqualagna, Laura; Dähne, Sven; Haufe, Stefan; Schultze-Kraft, Matthias, et al-
acqualagna_et_al_2016.PDF.jpg18-Feb-2016Large-Scale Assessment of a Fully Automatic Co-Adaptive Motor Imagery-Based Brain Computer InterfaceAcqualagna, Laura; Botrel, Loic; Vidaurre, Carmen; Kübler, Andrea; Blankertz, Benjamin-