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Reducing global CO2 emissions with the technologies we have

Ward, Hauke ; Radebach, Alexander ; Vierhaus, Ingmar ; Fügenschuh, Armin ; Steckel, Jan Christoph (2017)

The energy intensities of the various industrial sectors differ considerably across countries. This suggests a potential for emissions reductions through improved accessibility to efficient technologies. This paper estimates an upper-bound CO2 emission mitigation potential that could theoretically be achieved by improved access to efficient technologies in industrial sectors. We develop a linea...

Assessing carbon dioxide emission reduction potentials of improved manufacturing processes using multiregional input output frameworks

Ward, Hauke ; Burger, Mia ; Chang, Ya-Ju ; Fürstmann, Paul ; Neugebauer, Sabrina ; Radebach, Alexander ; Sproesser, Gunther ; Pittner, Andreas ; Rethmeier, Michael ; Uhlmann, Eckart ; Steckel, Jan Christoph (2016)

Evaluating innovative process technologies has become highly important within the last decades. As standard tools different Life Cycle Assessment methods have been established, which are continuously improved. While those are designed for evaluating single processes they run into difficulties when it comes to assessing environmental impacts of process innovations at macroeconomic level. In this...

Truncation Error Estimates in Process Life Cycle Assessment Using Input‐Output Analysis

Ward, Hauke ; Wenz, Leonie ; Steckel, Jan Christoph ; Minx, Jan (2017)

Process life cycle assessment (PLCA) is widely used to quantify environmental flows associated with the manufacturing of products and other processes. As PLCA always depends on defining a system boundary, its application involves truncation errors. Different methods of estimating truncation errors are proposed in the literature; most of these are based on artificially constructed system complet...

The effect of industry delocalization on global energy use: A global sectoral perspective

Forin, Silvia ; Radebach, Alexander ; Steckel, Jan Christoph ; Ward, Hauke (2018)

Sectoral production technologies differ largely across countries, so do sectoral energy intensities. Hence, shifts in production locations within global sectors, possibly caused by environmental regulations, are likely to have an impact on aggregated energy usage and emissions. Applying a Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index decomposition we decompose changes of sectoral energy use from 2001–2011 int...

The role of efficient technology for achieving climate change mitigation and development

Ward, Hauke (2018)

This thesis is motivated by a potential conflict within the sustainable development goals, which refers to climate change mitigation and development. This conflict is of special relevance for developing countries. On the one hand these are projected to be most severely impacted by climate change. On the other hand fast economic development, connected to emitting greenhouse gases, could help sub...

Graphical visualization of sustainable manufacturing aspects for knowledge transfer to public audience

Wang, Wei Min ; Wolter, Lars ; Lindow, Kai ; Stark, Rainer (2015)

Sustainability is characterized by complex interplay between economic, environmental and social aspects and a temporal dimension. The public perception is often mistakenly limited to single aspects due to deliberated influence by marketing or misuse. Reliable scientific articles usually address expert audience only. To create a broad public understanding knowledge has to be available and compre...