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Im Zwischenraum der beschleunigten Moderne

Kellermann, Robin (2021-01-01)

Wartezeiten bilden ein unliebsames Alltagsphänomen, das uns jenseits seiner negativen Zuschreibung tiefe Einblicke in die Zeitkultur der Moderne gewährt. Anhand einer Archäologie von Architekturen und literarisch-künstlerischen Rezeptionen des Wartens zeigt Robin Kellermann am Beispiel des Eisenbahnverkehrs auf, wie sich Rahmung und Wahrnehmung dieses zeitlichen Zwischenraums im Laufe der Moder...

Re-thinking mobility poverty


This book seeks to better conceptualise and define mobility poverty, addressing both its geographies and socio-economic landscapes. It moves beyond the analysis of ‘transport poverty’ and innovatively explores mobility inequalities and social construction of mobility disadvantages. The debate on mobility poverty is gaining momentum due to its role in triggering social exclusion and economic dep...

Internal crowdsourcing in companies


This open access book examines the implications of internal crowdsourcing (IC) in companies. Presenting an employee-oriented, cross-sector reference model for good IC practice, it discusses the core theoretical foundations, and offers guidelines for process-management and blueprints for the implementation of IC. Furthermore, it examines solutions for employee training and competence development...

The association between regular use of ridesourcing and walking mode choice in Cairo and Tehran

Mostofi, Hamid ; Masoumi, Houshmand ; Dienel, Hans-Liudger (2020-07-13)

The rapid adoption of ridesourcing poses challenges for researchers and policymakers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as it is an evolving new transport mode, and there is little research explaining its effects on mobility behaviors in this region. There is a concern that ridesourcing, which offers convenient and relatively cheap door to door services, encourages citizens to replace ...

The Association between the Regular Use of ICT Based Mobility Services and the Bicycle Mode Choice in Tehran and Cairo

Mostofi, Hamid ; Masoumi, Houshmand ; Dienel, Hans-Liudger (2020-11-25)

Regarding the sharp growth rate of ICT (information and communication technology)—based mobility services like ridesourcing, it is essential to investigate the impact of these new mobility services on the transport mode choices, particularly on active mobility modes like cycling. This impact is more important in the MENA context (the Middle East and North Africa), where cycling does not constit...

Predicting the Likelihood of Using Car-Sharing in the Greater Cairo Metropolitan Area

Samaha, Abdelrahman ; Mostofi, Hamid (2020-11-11)

This research investigates the influencing variables that affect the likelihood of choosing car-sharing if it launches in the Greater Cairo Metropolitan Area, Egypt. It adopts a binary logistic regression model to analyze the findings of an online stated preference survey. The results include 419 valid responses with different choice scenarios, which are based on the revealed preference of each...

The Relationship between Regular Use of Ridesourcing and Frequency of Public Transport Use in the MENA Region (Tehran and Cairo)

Mostofi, Hamid ; Masoumi, Houshmand ; Dienel, Hans-Liudger (2020-10-02)

Despite the growing share of ridesourcing services in cities, there is limited research about their impacts on other transport mode choices in the large cities of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). There is a debate about whether ridesourcing affects the frequent use of sustainable modes like public transport. This study uses the results of a large-scale series of face-to-face interviews ...

Drones for parcel and passenger transportation: A literature review

Kellermann, Robin ; Biehle, Tobias ; Fischer, Liliann (2020-01-23)

Delivery drones and ‘air taxis’ are currently among the most intensely discussed emerging technologies, likely to expand mobility into the ‘third dimension’ of low-level airspace. This paper presents a systematic literature review of 111 interdisciplinary publications (2013 - 03/2019). The review systematizes the current socio-technical debate on civil drones for transportation purposes allowin...

Why designing is not experimenting: design methods, epistemic praxis and strategies of knowledge acquisition in architecture

Ammon, Sabine (2017)

Using the example of architecture, this article defends the thesis that designing should not be regarded as a kind of experimenting. This is in contrast to a widespread methodological claim that design processes are equivalent to experimentation processes. The contrary thesis can be proven by focusing on actual practices, techniques and design strategies. Closely connected with the thesis is an...

Architektur im Gebrauch


Der Tagungsband versammelt Beiträge des 2. Forums Architekturwissenschaft zum Thema „Architektur im Gebrauch". Vertreten sind Positionen aus Soziologie, Architektur und Landschaftsarchitektur, Geschichte und Kunstgeschichte, Philosophie sowie Theater-, Film- und Kulturwissenschaften. Die Autorinnen und Autoren nähern sich dem Thema in zwei Perspektiven. Zum einen interessiert die lebensweltlich...

A new model for participation and sustainability in fashion design

Al-Falou, Katam (2017)

This study looks at the possibilities of different approaches to designing sustainable fashion. Its focus is on business attire, arguing that clothes should not be seen as one entity but looked at as di erentiated from each other. The thesis follows a social constructionist approach as an overarching research strategy on an epistemological level, using symbolic interactionism, as well as herme...

Entwerfen – eine epistemische Praxis

Ammon, Sabine (2013)


Epilogue : the rise of imagery in the age of modeling

Ammon, Sabine (2016)

This epilogue examines the relevance of imagery in modeling processes in architecture, design, and engineering. In addition to the description of the current state of research, it includes the changes brought about by the use of computers and outlines the different forms and functions of design models to discuss the role of operative imagery in this context. A look at the contributions in this ...

Image-based epistemic strategies in modeling

Ammon, Sabine (2016)

Given the existing diverse range of modeling techniques, this essay examines the epistemic role of images in design development. I argue that design images – used broadly to refer to all those image-related artifacts that act directly as proxies in the course of devising and adjusting a design: sketches, drawings, plans, diagrams, photorealistic images – make it possible to develop future artif...

Generative und instrumentelle Bildlichkeit: Warum computerbasierte Fertigungsverfahren keine Form der image guidance darstellen

Ammon, Sabine (2016)


Wissensverhältnisse im Fokus

Ammon, Sabine (2007)


Einleitung [zu: Wissen in Bewegung : Vielfalt und Hegemonie in der Wissensgesellschaft]

Ammon, Sabine ; Heinecke, Corinna ; Selbmann, Kirsten (2007)


Wie Architektur entsteht. Entwerfen als epistemische Praxis

Ammon, Sabine (2013)


Zur Einleitung: Wissenschaft Entwerfen. Perspektiven einer reflexiven Entwurfsforschung

Ammon, Sabine ; Froschauer, Eva Maria (2013)


Warum sich über Geschmack (nicht) streiten lässt

Ammon, Sabine (2014)