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Amount of water needed to save 1 m3 of water: life cycle assessment of a flow regulator

Berger, Markus ; Söchtig, Michael ; Weis, Christoph ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2015)

Water saving devices in the sanitary equipment, such as flow regulators, are assumed to be environmentally advantageous even though their environmental benefit has never been compared to the environmental burden caused during their production und disposal. Therefore, a life cycle assessment according to ISO 14044 has been conducted to identify and quantify the environmental effects throughout t...

Improving sustainability by technology assessment and systems analysis: the case of IWRM Indonesia

Lehn, Helmut ; Nayono, Suwartanti ; Lehmann, Annekatrin ; Kopfmüller, Jürgen (2016)

To support the implementation of the IWRM-Indonesia process in a water scarce and sanitation poor region of Central Java (Indonesia), sustainability assessments of several technology options of water supply and sanitation were carried out based on the conceptual framework of the integrative sustainability concept of the German Helmholtz association. In the case of water supply, the assessment w...

Screening indicators for the Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI)

Chang, Ya-Ju ; Lehmann, Annekatrin ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2017)

Since children are the key stakeholders supporting and being affected by sustainable development, the framework for the Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI) was proposed. It addresses social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development by considering seven relevant themes of child development, i.e., health, education, safety, economic status, relationship, environment...

Assessing the availability of terrestrial biotic materials in product systems (BIRD)

Bach, Vanessa ; Berger, Markus ; Finogenova, Natalia ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2017-01-18)

Availability of abiotic resources has been a topic of concern in recent years, resulting in several approaches being published to determine their availability on country and product level. However, the availability of biotic materials has not been analyzed to this extent yet. Therefore, an approach to determine possible limitations to availability of terrestrial biotic materials over the entire...