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Berger_etal_Advancing_2021.pdf.jpg4-Mar-2021Advancing the water footprint into an instrument to support achieving the SDGs – Recommendations from the “Water as a Global Resources” Research Initiative (GRoW)Berger, Markus; Campos, Jazmin; Carolli, Mauro; Dantas, Ianna; Forin, Silvia; Kosatica, Ervin; Kramer, Annika; Mikosch, Natalia; Nouri, Hamideh; Schlattmann, Anna; Schmidt, Falk; Schomberg, Anna; Semmling, Elsa-
Finkbeiner_Bach_Life_2021.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2021Life cycle assessment of decarbonization options—towards scientifically robust carbon neutralityFinkbeiner, Matthias; Bach, Vanessa-
sustainability-13-05062.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2021The First City Organizational LCA Case Study: Feasibility and Lessons Learned from ViennaCremer, Alexander; Berger, Markus; Müller, Katrin; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
water-13-00803.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2021Water Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment: The Complementary Strengths of Analyzing Global Freshwater Appropriation and Resulting Local ImpactsGerbens-Leenes, Winnie; Berger, Markus; Allan, John Anthony-
Forin_etal_Organizational_2020.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2019Organizational water footprint: a methodological guidanceForin, Silvia; Mikosch, Natalia; Berger, Markus; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
forin_silvia.pdf.jpg2021Organizational water footprint: method and applicationForin, Silvia-
Mikosch_etal_Addressing_2021.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2020Addressing water quality in water footprinting: current status, methods and limitationsMikosch, Natalia; Berger, Markus; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
sustainability-13-01751.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2021Life Cycle Based Comparison of Textile EcolabelsDiekel, Felice; Mikosch, Natalia; Bach, Vanessa; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
Muhl_etal_Distance-to-target_2020.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2020Distance-to-target weighting in LCA—A matter of perspectiveMuhl, Marco; Berger, Markus; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
Berger_etal_Mineral_2020.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2020Mineral resources in life cycle impact assessment: part II – recommendations on application-dependent use of existing methods and on future method development needsBerger, Markus; Sonderegger, Thomas; Alvarenga, Rodrigo; Bach, Vanessa; Cimprich, Alexander; Dewulf, Jo; Frischknecht, Rolf; Guinée, Jeroen; Helbig, Christoph; Huppertz, Tom; Jolliet, Olivier; Motoshita, Masaharu; Northey, Stephen; Peña, Claudia A.; Rugani, Benedetto; Sahnoune, Abdelhadi; Schrijvers, Dieuwertje; Schulze, Rita; Sonnemann, Guido; Valero, Alicia; Weidema, Bo P.; Young, Steven B.-
sustainability-12-10493-v2.pdf.jpg15-Dec-2020Comparison of Different Monetization Methods in LCA: A ReviewArendt, Rosalie; Bachmann, Till M.; Motoshita, Masaharu; Bach, Vanessa; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
Timmerberg_etal_Hydrogen_2020.pdf.jpg4-May-2020Hydrogen and hydrogen-derived fuels through methane decomposition of natural gas – GHG emissions and costsTimmerberg, Sebastian; Kaltschmitt, Martin; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
Timmerberg_etal_Renewable_2019.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2019Renewable electricity targets in selected MENA countries – Assessment of available resources, generation costs and GHG emissionsTimmerberg, Sebastian; Sanna, Anas; Kaltschmitt, Martin; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
timmerberg_sebastian.pdf.jpg2020Hydrogen supply from North Africa to the EUTimmerberg, Sebastian-
SMLL_SMLL202003161.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2020Fabrication of a Robust PEM Water Electrolyzer Based on Non‐Noble Metal Cathode Catalyst: [Mo3S13]2− Clusters Anchored to N‐Doped Carbon NanotubesHolzapfel, Peter K. R.; Bühler, Melanie; Escalera‐López, Daniel; Bierling, Markus; Speck, Florian D.; Mayrhofer, Karl J. J.; Cherevko, Serhiy; Pham, Chuyen V.; Thiele, Simon-
sustainability-12-04475.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2020Organizational Life Cycle Assessment of a Service Providing SME for Renewable Energy Projects (PV and Wind) in the United KingdomMarx, Hendrik; Forin, Silvia; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
sustainability-12-03746-v2.pdf.jpg5-May-2020Sustainability Assessment of a Single-Use Plastics BanHerberz, Timo; Barlow, Claire Y.; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
sustainability-12-08811.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2020Criteria-Based Approach to Select Relevant Environmental SDG Indicators for the Automobile IndustryLisowski, Sergej; Berger, Markus; Caspers, Justus; Mayr-Rauch, Klaus; Bäuml, Georg; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
sustainability-12-03394-v2.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2020Environmental Impacts of a Pet Dog: An LCA Case StudyYavor, Kim Maya; Lehmann, Annekatrin; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
resources-09-00032-v2.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2020A Review of Life Cycle Assessment Studies of Electric Vehicles with a Focus on Resource UseDolganova, Iulia; Rödl, Anne; Bach, Vanessa; Kaltschmitt, Martin; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
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