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Main Title: The FABIAN head-related transfer function data base
Author(s): Brinkmann, Fabian
Other Contributor(s): Lindau, Alexander
Weinzierl, Stefan
Geissler, Gunnar
van de Par, Steven
Müller-Trapet, Markus
Opdam, Rob
Vorländer, Michael
Type: Multimedia
Language Code: en
Abstract: This data base includes head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), headphone transfer functions (HpTFs), and 3D-meshes of the FABIAN head and torso simulator. More detailed information is provided in the documentation within the data base.
Issue Date: 9-Feb-2017
Date Available: 9-Feb-2017
Subject(s): head-related transfer function
headphone transfer function
3D mesh
spatial audio
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