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sensors-21-04485-v2.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2021Validation of a Low-Cost Electrocardiography (ECG) System for Psychophysiological ResearchWagner, Ruth Erna; Plácido da Silva, Hugo; Gramann, Klaus-
applsci-11-05007-v2.pdf.jpg28-May-2021Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Lower Body Exosuit to Support Ankle DorsiflexionSchubert, Tim; Wollesen, Bettina; Weidner, Robert-
Wollesen_etal_three-armed_2020.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2020A three-armed cognitive-motor exercise intervention to increase spatial orientation and life-space mobility in nursing home residents: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial in the PROfit projectWollesen, Bettina; Fricke, Madeleine; Jansen, Carl-Philipp; Gordt, Katharina; Schwenk, Michael; Mühlbauer, Thomas; Morawietz, Christina; Kruse, Adele; Gramann, Klaus-
SanchesDeOliveira_Experimentation_2020.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2020Experimentation, “models” and the turn to practiceSanches de Oliveira, Guilherme-
Krol_Zander_Towards_2018.pdf.jpg23-May-2018Towards a conceptual framework for cognitive probingKrol, Laurens R.; Zander, Thorsten O.-
Zhang_etal_Towards_2019.pdf.jpg17-Jan-2019Towards task-independent workload classification: Shifting from binary to continuous classificationZhang, Xixie; Krol, Laurens R.; Zander, Thorsten O.-
28-Nov-2019Salience versus valence in implicit cursor control: First indications of separate cortical processesKrol, Laurens R.; Pawlitzki, Juliane; Mousavi, Mahta; Andreessen, Lena M.; Zander, Thorsten O.-
Krol_etal_Task-Independent_2017.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2017A task-independent workload classifier for neuroadaptive technology: Preliminary dataKrol, Laurens R.; Freytag, Sarah-Christin; Fleck, Markus; Gramann, Klaus; Zander, Thorsten O.-
Rashid_etal_Automated_2019.pdf.jpg7-May-2019Automated labeling of movement- related cortical potentials using segmented regressionRashid, Usman; Niazi, Imran Khan; Jochumsen, Mads; Krol, Laurens R.; Signal, Nada; Taylor, Denise-
Klaproth_etal_Neuroadaptive_2020.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2020A neuroadaptive cognitive model for dealing with uncertainty in tracing pilots' cognitive stateKlaproth, Oliver W.; Halbrügge, Marc; Krol, Laurens R.; Vernaleken, Christoph; Zander, Thorsten O.; Russwinkel, Nele-
Mousavi_etal_Hybrid_2020.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2020Hybrid brain-computer interface with motor imagery and error-related brain activityMousavi, Mahta; Krol, Laurens R.; De Sa, Virginia-
Zander_etal_Neuroadaptive_2016.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2016Neuroadaptive technology enables implicit cursor control based on medial prefrontal cortex activityZander, Thorsten O.; Krol, Laurens R.; Birbaumer, Niels P.; Gramann, Klaus-
Krol_etal_Towards_2019.pdf.jpg17-Jan-2019Towards classifier visualisation in 3D source spaceKrol, Laurens R.; Mousavi, Mahta; De Sa, Virginia; Zander, Thorsten O.-
Krol_etal_SEREEGA_2018.pdf.jpg14-Aug-2018SEREEGA: Simulating event-related EEG activityKrol, Laurens R.; Pawlitzki, Juliane; Lotte, Fabien; Gramann, Klaus; Zander, Thorsten O.-
Krol_etal_Cognitive_2020.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2020Cognitive and affective probing: a tutorial and review of active learning for neuroadaptive technologyKrol, Laurens R.; Haselager, Pim; Zander, Thorsten O.-
Krol_etal_Passive_2018.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2018Passive brain–computer interfacesKrol, Laurens R.; Andreessen, Lena M.; Zander, Thorsten O.-
EJN_EJN14992.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2020Identifying key factors for improving ICA‐based decomposition of EEG data in mobile and stationary experimentsKlug, Marius; Gramann, Klaus-
fpsyg-11-02182.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2020Differences in Encoding Strategy as a Potential Explanation for Age-Related Decline in Place Recognition AbilityHilton, Christopher; Muffato, Veronica; Slattery, Timothy J.; Miellet, Sebastien; Wiener, Jan-
krol_laurens.pdf.jpg2020Neuroadaptive technology: concepts, tools, and validationsKrol, Laurens R.-
fnins-08-00385.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2014Cognitive state monitoring and the design of adaptive instruction in digital environments: lessons learned from cognitive workload assessment using a passive brain-computer interface approachGerjets, Peter; Walter, Carina; Rosenstiel, Wolfgang; Bogdan, Martin; Zander, Thorsten O.-
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