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Verkehr schafft Verkehr : Ansätze zu einer Theorie des Verkehrswachstums als Selbstinduktion

Heinze, G. Wolfgang (1979)


A combined marginal social cost approach for automobile emissions and congestion

Agarwal, Amit ; Kickhöfer, Benjamin (2014-09-23)

Increasing emissions from road transport is a growing concern for planners and policy makers. Concurrently, congestion is another major issue which affects user behavior, escalates emissions and other externalities, and thus, reduces system welfare. Recent contributions in the literature investigated the interrelationship between congestion and emission levels, and find them to be positively co...

Analyse der Wirkungen von Straßenbenützungsgebühren mittels agentenbasierter Modellierung

Nagel, Kai (2015)


OpenStreetMap for traffic simulation

Zilske, Michael ; Neumann, Andreas ; Nagel, Kai (2011)

Micro-simulations of traffic systems are becoming more important as highly disaggregated data, such as mobility diaries or GPS traces, become available. For accurate results, a high-quality model of the road network is required. Recently, OpenStreetMap has proven to be a valuable data source, often on par with and in some respects surpassing proprietary network models provided by administration...