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2009MATSim-T : Architecture and Simulation TimesBalmer, Michael; Rieser, Marcel; Meister, Konrad; Charypar, David; Lefebvre, Nicolas; Nagel, Kai-
2016Electric Taxis in Berlin – Analysis of the Feasibility of a Large-Scale TransitionBischoff, Joschka; Maciejewski, Michał-
2016User-specific and Dynamic Internalization of Road Traffic Noise ExposuresKaddoura, Ihab; Kröger, Lars; Nagel, Kai-
2016Modelling Backward Travelling Holes in Mixed Traffic Conditions Using an Agent Based SimulationAgarwal, Amit; Lämmel, Gregor; Nagel, Kai-
2017Simultaneous internalization of traffic congestion and noise exposure costsKaddoura, Ihab; Nagel, Kai-
2017Software Architecture for a Transparent and Versatile Traffic SimulationZilske, Michael; Nagel, Kai-
2017Accessibility in a Post-Apartheid City: Comparison of Two Approaches for Accessibility ComputationsZiemke, Dominik; Joubert, Johan W.; Nagel, Kai-
2017Towards a Testbed for Dynamic Vehicle Routing AlgorithmsMaciejewski, Michał; Bischoff, Joschka; Hörl, Sebastian; Nagel, Kai-
helbing_nagel_2004.pdf.jpg2004The physics of traffic and regional developmentHelbing, Dirk; Nagel, Kai-
agarwal_etal_2017.pdf.jpg2017Incorporating within link dynamics in an agent-based computationally faster and scalable queue modelAgarwal, Amit; Lämmel, Gregor; Nagel, Kai-
2018Mind the price gap: How optimal emission pricing relates to the EU CO2 reduction targetsKickhöfer, Benjamin; Agarwal, Amit; Nagel, Kai-
thunig_etal_2019.pdf.jpg2019Adaptive traffic signal control for real-world scenarios in agent-based transport simulationsThunig, Theresa; Kühnel, Nico; Nagel, Kai-
heinze_etal_1974.pdf.jpg1974Bewertung verschiedener Alternativen zur Kraftstoff‭‭‭‭-‭Einsparung im privaten Pkw-VerkehrHeinze, G. Wolfgang; Kanzlerski, Dieter; Wagner, Gerhard-
grether_etal_2010.pdf.jpg2010Policy Evaluation in Multiagent Transport SimulationsGrether, Dominik; Kickhöfer, Benjamin; Nagel, Kai-
rieser_etal_2009.pdf.jpg2009Adding Mode Choice to Multiagent Transport SimulationRieser, Marcel; Grether, Dominik; Nagel, Kai-
rieser_etal_2007.pdf.jpg2007Agent-Oriented Coupling of Activity-Based Demand Generation with Multiagent Traffic SimulationRieser, Marcel; Nagel, Kai; Beuck, Ulrike; Balmer, Michael; Rümenapp, Jens-
balmer_etal_2006.pdf.jpg2006Agent-Based Demand-Modeling Framework for Large-Scale MicrosimulationsBalmer, Michael; Axhausen, Kay W.; Nagel, Kai-
marchal_nagel_2005.pdf.jpg2005Modeling Location Choice of Secondary Activities with a Social Network of Cooperative AgentsMarchal, Fabrice; Nagel, Kai-
ferrari_nagel_2005.pdf.jpg2005Robustness of Efficient Passenger Boarding Strategies for AirplanesFerrari, Pieric; Nagel, Kai-
ziemke_etal_2015.pdf.jpg2015Integrating CEMDAP and MATSIM to Increase the Transferability of Transport Demand ModelsZiemke, Dominik; Nagel, Kai; Bhat, Chandra-
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