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NAD(H)-coupled hydrogen cycling - structure-function relationships of bidirectional [NiFe] hydrogenases

Horch, Marius; Lauterbach, Lars; Lenz, Oliver; Hildebrandt, Peter; Zebger, Ingo (2012)

Hydrogenases catalyze the activation or production of molecular hydrogen. Due to their potential importance for future biotechnological applications, these enzymes have been in the focus of intense...

Enzyme-modified particles for selective biocatalytic hydrogenation by hydrogen-driven NADH recycling

Reeve, Holly A.; Lauterbach, Lars; Lenz, Oliver; Vincent, Kylie A. (2015)

We describe a new approach to selective H-2-driven hydrogenation that exploits a sequence of enzymes immobilised on carbon particles. We used a catalyst system that comprised alcohol dehydrogenase,...

Multilayered lipid membrane stacks for biocatalysis using membrane enzymes

Heath, George R.; Li, Mengqiu; Rong, Honling; Radu, Valentin; Frielingsdorf, Stefan; Lenz, Oliver; Butt, Julea N.; Jeuken, Lars J. C. (2017)

Multilayered or stacked lipid membranes are a common principle in biology and have various functional advantages compared to single-lipid membranes, such as their ability to spatially organize proc...