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25-Oct-2019X-ray Crystallography and Vibrational Spectroscopy Reveal the Key Determinants of Biocatalytic Dihydrogen Cycling by [NiFe] HydrogenasesIlina, Yulia; Lorent, Christian; Katz, Sagie; Jeoung, Jae-Hun; Shima, Seigo; Horch, Marius; Zebger, Ingo; Dobbek, Holger-
12-Feb-2019An Assessment of the Bioactivity of Coffee Silverskin MelanoidinsTores de la Cruz, Silvia; Iriondo-DeHond, Amaia; Herrera, Teresa; Lopez-Tofiño, Yolanda; Galvez-Robleño, Carlos; Prodanov, Marin; Vélazquez Escobar, Francisco; Abalo, Raquel; del Castillo, Maria Dolores-
2019Spectroscopic investigation of phytochromes and NIR fluorescent variantsBuhrke, David-
salewski_johannes.pdf.jpg2019Studying protein-cofactor complexes: a combined experimental and theoretical approachSalewski, Johannes-
staffa_jana_katharina.pdf.pdf.jpg2019Electric fields at biomimetic interfacesStaffa, Jana Katharina-
harris_tomos.pdf.jpg2019Surface functionalised and nanostructured transparent conductive oxidesHarris, Tomos Gwilym Ab Alun-
Vater et al. 1980.pdf.jpg1980Competition of Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate with Ribulose 1,5-Bisphosphate and Effector Sugar Phosphates at the Reaction Centers of the Spinach Ribulose 1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/OxygenaseVater, Joachim; Gaudszun, Thomas; Scharnow, Harald; Salnikow, Johann-
Miyairi & Schatz 1983.pdf.jpg1983Oxygen-Evolving Extracts from a Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp.Miyairi, Sachio; Schatz, Günther H.-
Renger et al. 1984.pdf.jpg1984Studies on the Functional Mechanism of System II Herbicides in Isolated ChloroplastsRenger, Gernot; Hagemann, A.; Vermaas, Wim F.J.-
Vermaas et al. 1984.pdf.jpg1984Herbicide/Quinone Binding Interactions in Photosystem IIVermaas, Wim F.J.; Renger, Gernot; Arntzen, Charles J.-
Boekema et al. 1988.pdf.jpg1988Structure of the ATP-Synthase from Chloroplasts and Mitochondria Studied by Electron MicroscopyBoekema, Egbert J.; Schmidt, Günter; Gräber, Peter; Berden, Jan A.-
preissler_janina.pdf.jpg2018Funktion, Modifikation und Anwendung von O2-toleranten, NAD(P)+-reduzierenden [NiFe]-HydrogenasenPreissler, Janina-
wahlefeld_stefan.pdf.jpg2018Activation of H2 and CO2Wahlefeld, Stefan Malte-
forbrig_enrico.pdf.jpg2018Investigation of membrane-active peptides and proteins by vibrational spectroscopyForbrig, Enrico-
tombolelli_daria.pdf.jpg2018Computational chemistry studies on metallo-enzymes for the splitting of hydrogen and the interconversion between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxideTombolelli, Daria-
gonzalez_barbara_daiana.pdf.jpg2018Spectroelectrochemical study of biomolecules in artificial membrane systemsGonzalez, Barbara Daiana-
keidel_anke.pdf.jpg2018Chemometrische Analysestrategien für Raman-spektroskopische DatenKeidel, Anke-
miguel_alejandra.pdf.jpg2017Elucidating the mechanism of action of antimicrobial peptides by means of computational approachesMiguel Catalina, Alejandra de-
c4sc02982h.pdf.jpg2015Nuclear resonance vibrational spectroscopy reveals the FeS cluster composition and active site vibrational properties of an O-2-tolerant NAD(+)-reducing [NiFe] hydrogenaseLauterbach, Lars; Wang, Hongxin; Horch, Marius; Gee, Leland B.; Yoda, Yoshitaka; Tanaka, Yoshihito; Zebger, Ingo; Lenz, Oliver; Cramer, Stephen P.-
c4cc09498k.pdf.jpg2015Surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopic evidence for an alternative DNA-independent redox activation of endonuclease IIIMoe, Elin; Sezer, Murat; Hildebrandt, Peter; Todorovic, Smilja-
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