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processes-09-00689-v2.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2021Influence of Macroscopic Wall Structures on the Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Fixed Bed Reactors with Small Tube to Particle Diameter RatioEppinger, Thomas; Jurtz, Nico; Kraume, Matthias-
applsci-11-03361.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2021Biogas Plants in Renewable Energy Systems—A Systematic Review of Modeling Approaches of Biogas ProductionHeiker, Mathias; Kraume, Matthias; Mertins, Anica; Wawer, Tim; Rosenberger, Sandra-
BATT_BATT201900169.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2020Preparation of a Self‐Supported SiO2 Membrane as a Separator for Lithium‐Ion BatteriesKyeremateng, Neil Amponsah; Gukte, Dion; Ferch, Marc; Buk, Jan; Hrebicek, Tomas; Hahn, Robert-
brehmer_manuel.pdf.jpg2021Experimentelle Grundlagenuntersuchungen zur Bestimmung charakteristischer, messbarer Kennwerte für die Automatisierung des Mischprozesses in BiogasanlagenBrehmer, Manuel-
CITE_CITE202000150.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2020Calibration‐Free Chemical Process and Quality Control Units as Enablers for Modular Production Bornemann‐Pfeiffer, Martin; Kern, Simon; Maiwald, Michael; Meyer, Klas-
CITE_CITE202000135.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2020Real‐Time Visualization of Internal and External Concentration Fields in Multiphase Systems via Laser‐induced Fluorescence and Rainbow Schlieren Deflectometry During and After Droplet Production Heine, Jens Stefan; Schulz, Joschka Marco; Junne, Henning; Böhm, Lutz; Kraume, Matthias; Bart, Hans‐Jörg-
wilhelm_robert.pdf.jpg2021Prozessentwicklung und Methodische Versuchsplanung zur Charakterisierung neuartiger Lösungsmittel für die CO2-AbsorptionWilhelm, Robert-
processes-08-01528-v2.pdf.jpg24-Nov-2020Enhancing the Thermal Performance of Slender Packed Beds through Internal Heat FinsJurtz, Nico; Flaischlen, Steffen; Scherf, Sören C.; Kraume, Matthias; Wehinger, Gregor D.-
CEAT_CEAT202000055.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2020Impact of Contact Scaling and Drag Calculation on the Accuracy of Coarse‐Grained Discrete Element MethodJurtz, Nico; Kruggel-Emden, Harald; Baran, Oleh; Aglave, Ravindra; Cocco, Ray; Kraume, Matthias-
heyse_anja.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2020Filterability and rheological behavior of lipase containing water-in-oil Pickering emulsions stabilized with silica particles for the application in continuous biphasic biocatalysis in a membrane reactorHeyse, Anja-
AIC_AIC16967.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2020Validation of pressure drop prediction and bed generation of fixed‐beds with complex particle shapes using discrete element method and computational fluid dynamicsJurtz, Nico; Wehinger, Gregor D.; Srivastava, Urvashi; Henkel, Tobias; Kraume, Matthias-
processes-08-01082.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2020A Multi-Scale Approach to Modeling the Interfacial Reaction Kinetics of Lipases with Emphasis on Enzyme Adsorption at Water-Oil InterfacesRusli, Sherly; Grabowski, Janna; Drews, Anja; Kraume, Matthias-
foix-cable_mathilde.pdf.jpg2020Combination of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) with microalgae production for decentralized wastewater treatmentFoix-Cablé, Mathilde-
panckow_etal_2017.pdf.jpg17-May-2017Photo-Optical In-Situ Measurement of Drop Size Distributions: Applications in Research and IndustryPanckow, Robert P.; Reinecke, Laura; Cuellar, Maria C.; Maaß, Sebastian-
panckow_etal_2020.pdf.jpg27-May-2020Characterization of fast-growing foams in bottling processes by endoscopic imaging and convolutional neural networksPanckow, Robert P.; McHardy, Christopher; Rudolph, Alexander; Muthig, Michael; Kostova, Jordanka; Wegener, Mirco; Rauh, Cornelia-
membranes-10-00064-v2.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2020Influence of Ozone Treatment on Ultrafiltration Performance and Nutrient Flow in a Membrane Based Nutrient Recovery Process from Anaerobic DigestateGienau, Tobias; Ehrmanntraut, Artjom; Kraume, Matthias; Rosenberger, Sandra-
heyse_etal_2019.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2019The impact of lipases on the rheological behavior of colloidal silica nanoparticle stabilized Pickering emulsions for biocatalytical applicationsHeyse, Anja; Kraume, Matthias; Drews, Anja-
Roehl_et_al-2019-Chemie_Ingenieur_Technik.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2019Influence of different silica nanoparticles on drop size distributions in agitated liquid‐liquid systemsRöhl, Susanne; Hohl, Lena; Kempin, Maresa; Enders, Frauke; Jurtz, Nico; Kraume, Matthias-
Boehm_et_al-2019-Chemie_Ingenieur_Technik.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2019Multiphase Stirred Tank Bioreactors – New Geometrical Concepts and Scale‐up ApproachesBöhm, Lutz; Hohl, Lena; Bliatsiou, Chrysoula; Kraume, Matthias-
meyer-waßewitz_janine.pdf.jpg2019Development of a continuous process and dynamic modeling of the chemo-enzymatic epoxidation of α-pineneMeyer-Waßewitz, Janine-
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