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2012_kamp_et-al.pdf.jpg2012Modelling of coalescence in turbulent liquid/liquid dispersions considering droplet chargeKamp, Johannes; Nachtigall, Stephanie; Maaß, Sebastian; Kraume, Matthias-
10.1016j.ces.2016.08.028.pdf.jpg2016From single drop coalescence to droplet swarms - Scale-up considering the influence of collision velocity and drop size on coalescence probabilityKamp, Johannes; Kraume, Matthias-
10.1016j.ces.2014.11.045.pdf.jpg2015Coalescence efficiency model including electrostatic interactions in liquid/liquid dispersionsKamp, Johannes; Kraume, Matthias-
10.1016j.cherd.2013.12.023.pdf.jpg2014Influence of drop size and superimposed mass transfer on coalescence in liquid/liquid dispersions - Test cell design for single drop investigationsKamp, Johannes; Kraume, Matthias-
10.1016j.compchemeng.2016.03.033.pdf.jpg2016Automated image analysis for trajectory determination of single drop collisionsKamp, Johannes; Hänsch, Ronny; Kendzierski, Gregor; Kraume, Matthias; Hellwich, Olaf-
10.1002.elsc.201600096.pdf.jpg2017Development of a method for reliable power input measurements in conventional and single-use stirred bioreactors at laboratory scaleKaiser, Stephan Christian; Werner, Sören; Jossen, Valentin; Kraume, Matthias; Eibl, Dieter-
Roehl_et_al-2019-Chemie_Ingenieur_Technik.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2019Influence of different silica nanoparticles on drop size distributions in agitated liquid‐liquid systemsRöhl, Susanne; Hohl, Lena; Kempin, Maresa; Enders, Frauke; Jurtz, Nico, et al-
10.1515revce-2015-0071.pdf.jpg2016Drop coalescence in technical liquid/liquid applicationsKamp, Johannes; Villwock, Jörn; Kraume, Matthias-
Boehm_et_al-2019-Chemie_Ingenieur_Technik.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2019Multiphase Stirred Tank Bioreactors – New Geometrical Concepts and Scale‐up ApproachesBöhm, Lutz; Hohl, Lena; Bliatsiou, Chrysoula; Kraume, Matthias-
bioengineering-05-00106-v2.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2018Growth Behavior of Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal/Stem Cells at Small Scale: Numerical and Experimental InvestigationsJossen, Valentin; Eibl, Regine; Kraume, Matthias; Eibl, Dieter-