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Food standards and exports: evidence for China

Mangelsdorf, Axel ; Portugal-Perez, Alberto ; Wilson, John S. (2012)

Using a new database on standards in China, we estimate the impact of voluntary and mandatory standards – either harmonized to international norms or purely domestic – on Chinese food exports. The dataset covers seven Chinese products over the period 1992–2008. We find that standards have a positive effect on China's export performance, as the benefits to standardization in terms of reducing po...

An alternative perspective on IP management

Potekhina, Anna (2017)

The intellectual property rights (IPR) appropriation from the company’s perspective is, first of all, associated with coordinated actions on obtaining and enforcing of the respective intellectual property rights, such as patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets. In developed economies with strong intellectual property (IP) systems companies traditiona...

The impact of participation within formal standardization on firm performance

Wakke, Paul ; Blind, Knut ; Ramel, Florian (2016)

Several studies highlight the economic benefits of standards, while the benefit of taking part in standardization remains a rather unexplored mystery to date. In theory, standard setters not only benefit from the possibility to monitor and shape the development of standards but also access a wide range of knowledge sources in the standards committee. Therefore, we investigate how the participat...

Multi-level reinforcement in European climate and energy governance: mobilizing economic interests at the sub-national levels

Jänicke, Martin ; Quitzow, Rainer (2017)

This article explains the relatively successful performance of the European Union (EU) in climate and energy governance by two factors: (1) multi-level reinforcement and (2) the mobilization of economic interests at different levels of governance through low-carbon industrial policy. The article adds to the literature by further developing existing arguments on multi-level reinforcement in clim...