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1-Apr-2020Knowledge proximity and firm innovation: A microgeographic analysis for BerlinRammer, Christian; Kinne, Jan; Blind, Knut-
sustainability-12-04245.pdf.jpg22-May-2020Internal Open Innovation—Lessons Learned from Internal Crowdsourcing at SAPPohlisch, Jakob-
wurster_etal_2019.pdf.jpg2019Bio-based products: Suggestions for ecolabel criteria and standards in line with sustainable development goalsWurster, Simone; Ladu, Luana; Arisaktiwardhana, Dhandy-
sustainability-12-08699-v2.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2020SDG 5 and the Gender Gap in Standardization: Empirical Evidence From GermanyHeß, Philipp-
sustainability-12-08990-v3.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2020Studying the Transition towards a Circular Bioeconomy—A Systematic Literature Review on Transition Studies and Existing BarriersGottinger, Alexandra; Ladu, Luana; Quitzow, Rainer-
sustainability-12-07900.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2020Sustainable Circular Mobility: User-Integrated Innovation and Specifics of Electric Vehicle OwnersWurster, Simone; Heß, Philipp; Nauruschat, Michael; Jütting, Malte-
CPE_CPE5630.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2020Trusted systems of records based on Blockchain technology ‐ a prototype for mileage storing in the automotive industryPreikschat, Katarina; Böhmecke‐Schwafert, Moritz; Buchwald, Jan‐Paul; Stickel, Carolin-
sustainability-12-02186-v2.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2020Consumers’ Acceptance of a Bio-circular Automotive Economy: Explanatory Model and Influence FactorsWurster, Simone; Schulze, Rita-
sustainability-12-01623-v2.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2020Bio-Based Products in the Automotive Industry: The Need for Ecolabels, Standards, and RegulationsWurster, Simone; Ladu, Luana-
IGI_Assessing_Crowd_Tasking_Apps.pdf.jpgApr-2016Assessing the Impact of Crowd Tasking Apps on Resuscitation Success: The Case of Sudden Cardiac Arrests in GermanyWurster, Simone; Klafft, Michael; Friedrich, Frank; Bohn, Andreas-
1-s2.0-S0040162516304000-main.pdf.jpg2017The characteristics and impacts of scientific publications in biotechnology research referenced in standardsRaven, Michael; Blind, Knut-
1-s2.0-S0048733317301002-main.pdf.jpg2017Multi-mode standardisation: A critical review and a research agendaWiegmann, Paul Moritz; de Vries, Henk J.; Blind, Knut-
1-s2.0-S0048733316301743-main.pdf.jpg2017The impact of standards and regulation on innovation in uncertain marketsBlind, Knut; Petersen, Sören S.; Riillo, Cesare A.F.-
1-s2.0-S2351978917300951-main.pdf.jpg2017Interactions among Inter-organizational Measures for Green Supply Chain ManagementKang, Moon Jung; Hwang, Jongwoon-
sustainability-10-02455.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2018Gaps and Research Demand for Sustainability Certification and Standardisation in a Sustainable Bio-Based Economy in the EUMajer, Stefan; Wurster, Simone; Moosmann, David; Ladu, Luana; Sumfleth, Beike; Thrän, Daniela-
sustainability-10-01695.pdf.jpg23-May-2018Bridging the Gaps for a ‘Circular’ Bioeconomy: Selection Criteria, Bio-Based Value Chain and Stakeholder MappingLokesh, Kadambari; Ladu, Luana; Summerton, Louise-
sustainability-10-04656-v3.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2018The Impact of International Management Standards on Academic ResearchPohle, Anna; Blind, Knut; Neustroev, Dmitry-
sustainability-11-00857.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2019Lessons Learned from Establishing the Energy-Informatics Business Model: Case of a German Energy CompanyGrosse, Matti; Send, Hendrik; Schildhauer, Thomas-
Grosse 2018.pdf.jpg2018How User-Innovators Pave the Way for a Sustainable Energy Future: A Study among German Energy EnthusiastsGrosse, Matti-
Grosse et al. 2018.pdf.jpg2018Triggers of Collaborative Innovation in Online User CommunitiesGrosse, Matti; Pohlisch, Jakob; Korbel, Jakob J.-
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