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Scattering techniques for nanoparticle analysis

Breßler, Ingo (2017)

This work presents three program packages implementing different methods for nanoparticle analysis, focusing on the quantitative determination of particle size distributions required in standardization of nanoparticle reference materials. In part one, classical curve fitting is discussed. It finds optimal parameters of a scattering model composed of analytical expressions. The classical curve ...

Enhancing the stability of spontaneously self-assembled vesicles - the effect of polymer architecture

Bressel, Katharina ; Gradzielski, Michael (2015)

The formation of stable vesicles with a controlled size and high stability is an important matter due to their wide application in pharmaceutical and detergency formulations and as drug delivery vehicles. One can control the size of spontaneously formed vesicles in mixtures of zwitterionic and anionic surfactants by the admixture of small amounts of an amphiphilic copolymer of the PEO-PPO-PEO t...

Introduction to the special issue on small-angle scattering

Gradzielski, Michael ; Allen, Andrew J. (2016)