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5-May-2021Preparation of Reinforced Anisometric Patchy Supraparticles for Self‐PropulsionOguztürk, H. Esra; Bauer, Leona J.; Mantouvalou, Ioanna; Kanngieβ  er, Birgit; Velev, Orlin D.; Gradzielski, Michael-
PEP2_PEP224201.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2020Functionalized peptide hydrogels as tunable extracellular matrix mimics for biological applicationsHellmund, Katharina S.; von Lospichl, Benjamin; Böttcher, Christoph; Ludwig, Kai; Keiderling, Uwe; Noirez, Laurence; Weiß, Annika; Mikolajczak, Dorian J.; Gradzielski, Michael; Koksch, Beate-
Schön_Klitzing_simple_2018.pdf.jpg5-Apr-2018A simple extension of the commonly used fitting equation for oscillatory structural forces in case of silica nanoparticle suspensionsSchön, Sebastian; Klitzing, Regine von-
Schön_etal_Externally_2018.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2018Externally triggered oscillatory structural forcesSchön, Sebastian; Richter, Marcel; Witt, Marcus; Klitzing, Regine von-
8-Mar-2021A temperature-controlled electric field sample environment for small-angle neutron scattering experimentsHayward, Dominic W.; Magro, Germinal; Hörmann, Anja; Prévost, Sylvain; Schweins, Ralf; Richardson, Robert M.; Gradzielski, Michael-
Azeri_etal_Structural_2020.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2020Structural control in micelles of alkyl acrylate-acrylate copolymers via alkyl chain length and block lengthAzeri, Özge; Schönfeld, Dennis; Noirez, Laurence; Gradzielski, Michael-
Simon_etal_Dynamics_2020.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2020Dynamics in polyelectrolyte/microemulsion complexesSimon, Miriam; Gradzielski, Michael; Hoffmann, Ingo-
Cisse_etal_PyDSC_2020.pdf.jpg16-May-2020PyDSC: a simple tool to treat differential scanning calorimetry dataCisse, Aline; Peters, Judith; Lazzara, Giuseppe; Chiappisi, Leonardo-
CNMA_CNMA202000564.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2020Solvothermal Synthesis of Lanthanide‐doped NaYF4 Upconversion Crystals with Size and Shape Control: Particle Properties and Growth MechanismSun, Chunning; Schäferling, Michael; Resch‐Genger, Ute; Gradzielski, Michael-
Sun_etal_efficient_2020.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2020An efficient synthetic strategy for ligand-free upconversion nanoparticlesSun, Chunning; Simke, Jan Ron Justin; Gradzielski, Michael-
polymers-13-00122-v2.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2020Interaction of Proteins with a Planar Poly(acrylic acid) Brush: Analysis by Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring (QCM-D)Walkowiak, Jacek; Gradzielski, Michael; Zauscher, Stefan; Ballauff, Matthias-
Cavallaro_etal_Effect_2020.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2020Effect of the supramolecular interactions on the nanostructure of halloysite/biopolymer hybrids: a comprehensive study by SANS, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and electric birefringenceCavallaro, Giuseppe; Chiappisi, Leonardo; Gradzielski, Michael; Lazzara, Giuseppe-
schön_sebastian.pdf.jpg2020Oscillatory structural forcesSchön, Sebastian-
walkowiak_jacek.pdf.jpg2020Interaction of proteins with multivalent polyelectrolytesWalkowiak, Jacek-
simon_miriam.pdf.jpg2020Formation and characterization of complexes of oppositely charged oil-in-water (O/W) microemulsion droplets and polyelectrolytesSimon, Miriam-
hoffmann_etal_2014.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2014Dynamics of microemulsions bridged with hydrophobically end-capped star polymers studied by neutron spin-echoHoffmann, Ingo; de Molina, Paula Malo; Farago, Bela; Falus, Peter; Herfurth, Christoph; Laschewsky, André; Gradzielski, Michael-
hoffmann_etal_2015.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2015On the mesoscopic origins of high viscosities in some polyelectrolyte-surfactant mixturesHoffmann, Ingo; Farago, Bela; Schweins, Ralf; Falus, Peter; Sharp, Melissa; Prévost, Sylvain; Gradzielski, Michael-
walkowiak_etal_2019.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2019Thermodynamic Analysis of the Uptake of a Protein in a Spherical Polyelectrolyte BrushWalkowiak, Jacek; Lu, Yan; Gradzielski, Michael; Zauscher, Stefan; Ballauff, Matthias-
simon_etal_2018.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2018Structural control of polyelectrolyte/microemulsion droplet complexes (PEMECs) with different polyacrylatesSimon, Miriam; Krause, Patrick; Chiappisi, Leonardo; Noirez, Laurence; Gradzielski, Michael-
micciulla_etal_2019.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2019One-step procedure for the preparation of functional polysaccharide/fatty acid multilayered coatingsMicciulla, Samantha; Hayward, Dominic W.; Gerelli, Yuri; Panzarella, Alain; von Klitzing, Regine; Gradzielski, Michael; Chiappisi, Leonardo-
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