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Blind testing of cross-linking/mass spectrometry hybrid methods in CASP11

Schneider, Michael ; Belsom, Adam ; Rappsilber, Juri ; Brock, Oliver (2016)

Hybrid approaches combine computational methods with experimental data. The information contained in the experimental data can be leveraged to probe the structure of proteins otherwise elusive to computational methods. Compared with computational methods, the structures produced by hybrid methods exhibit some degree of experimental validation. In spite of these advantages, most hybrid methods h...

Few-layer antimonene by liquid-phase exfoliation

Gibaja, Carlos ; Rodriguez-San-Miguel, David ; Ares, Pablo ; Gómez-Herrero, Julio ; Varela, Maria ; Gillen, Roland ; Maultzsch, Janina ; Hauke, Frank ; Hirsch, Andreas ; Abellán, Gonzalo ; Zamora, Félix (2016)

We report on a fast and simple method to produce highly stable isopropanol/water (4: 1) suspensions of few-layer antimonene by liquid-phase exfoliation of antimony crystals in a process that is assisted by sonication but does not require the addition of any surfactant. This straightforward method generates dispersions of few-layer antimonene suitable for on-surface isolation. Analysis by atomic...