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Lemke_etal_Interaction_2021.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2021Interaction of traffic intensity and habitat features shape invasion dynamics of an invasive alien species (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) in a regional road networkLemke, Andreas; Buchholz, Sascha; Kowarik, Ingo; Starfinger, Uwe; Lippe, Moritz von der-
Kowarik_Herbert_2020.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2020Herbert Sukopp – an inspiring pioneer in the field of urban ecologyKowarik, Ingo-
Egerer_etal_New_2020.pdf.jpg10-Feb-2020New methods of spatial analysis in urban gardens inform future vegetation surveyingEgerer, Monika H.; Wagner, Benjamin; Lin, Brenda B.; Kendal, Dave; Zhu, Kai-
Buchholz_Egerer_Functional_2020.pdf.jpg8-Jun-2020Functional ecology of wild bees in cities: towards a better understanding of trait-urbanization relationshipsBuchholz, Sascha; Egerer, Monika H.-
Buchholz_etal_Mono-specific_2020.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2020Mono-specific forest plantations are valuable bat habitats: implications for wind energy developmentBuchholz, Sascha; Kelm, Volker; Ghanem, Simon J.-
Sprößig_etal_Defining_2020.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2020Defining the baseline for river restoration: comparing carabid beetle diversity of natural and human-impacted riparian habitatsSprößig, Claudia; Buchholz, Sascha; Dziock, Frank-
land-09-00530-v2.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2020Social-Ecological Connectivity to Understand Ecosystem Service Provision across Networks in Urban LandscapesEgerer, Monika; Anderson, Elsa-
fsufs-04-547877.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2020Social Context Influence on Urban Gardener Perceptions of Pests and Management PracticesLiere, Heidi; Egerer, Monika; Sanchez, Carly; Bichier, Peter; Philpott, Stacy M.-
Straka_etal_human_2020.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2020The human dimensions of a green–green-dilemma:​ Lessons learned from the wind energy — wildlife conflict in GermanyStraka, Tanja M.; Fritze, Marcus; Voigt, Christian C.-
schulz_katharina.pdf.jpg2020Land-use effects on plant biodiversity and carbon cycling in seasonally dry tropical forests in north-eastern BrazilSchulz, Katharina-
sustainability-12-04964-v2.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2020Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Urban DevelopmentKowarik, Ingo; Fischer, Leonie K.; Kendal, Dave-
JPE_JPE13661.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2020Plant traits, biotopes and urbanization dynamics explain the survival of endangered urban plant populationsPlanchuelo, Greg; Kowarik, Ingo; von der Lippe, Moritz-
Egerer_2020_Environ._Res._Commun._2_041004.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2020Nature connection, experience and policy encourage and maintain adaptation to drought in urban agricultureEgerer, Monika; Lin, Brenda B; Diekmann, Lucy-
Egerer_et_al_2020.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2020Plant damage in urban agroecosystems varies with local and landscape factorsEgerer, Monika; Liere, Heidi; Lucatero, Azucena; Philpott, Stacy M.-
sustainability-12-03507.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2020Dog Walkers’ Views of Urban Biodiversity across Five European CitiesFischer, Leonie K.; Kowarik, Ingo-
sustainability-12-02565.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2020CityScapeLab Berlin: A Research Platform for Untangling Urbanization Effects on BiodiversityLippe, Moritz von der; Buchholz, Sascha; Hiller, Anne; Seitz, Birgit; Kowarik, Ingo-
sustainability-12-02634-v2.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2020Clean and Green Urban Water Bodies Benefit Nocturnal Flying Insects and Their Predators, Insectivorous BatsStraka, Tanja M.; Lentini, Pia E.; Lumsden, Linda F.; Buchholz, Sascha; Wintle, Brendan A.; van der Ree, Rodney-
fevo-08-00018.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2020Endangered Plants in Novel Urban Ecosystems Are Filtered by Strategy Type and Dispersal Syndrome, Not by Spatial Dependence on Natural RemnantsPlanchuelo, Greg; Kowarik, Ingo; von der Lippe, Moritz-
forests-10-01156.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2019Linkages between Phosphorus and Plant Diversity in Central European Forest Ecosystems—Complementarity or Competition?Rieger, Isaak; Kowarik, Ingo; Ziche, Daniel; Wellbrock, Nicole; Cierjacks, Arne-
sustainability-12-00293-v2.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2019Wild Bee Conservation within Urban Gardens and Nurseries: Effects of Local and Landscape ManagementEgerer, Monika; Cecala, Jacob M.; Cohen, Hamutahl-
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