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Zum Verhalten ausgewählter Triazolfungizide in der Umwelt und unter technischen Bedingungen

Mülow-Stollin, Ulrike (2018)

In order to ensure acceptable crop yield the use of plant protection products is inevitable. Triazole fungicides are a class of pesticides often used against a variety of fungal diseases in plants. During application an involuntary introduction into soil and surface water is possible, as well as a subsequent leaching into groundwater. In these environmental compartments the fungicides are s...

Production of extracellular DNA (eDNA) of the γ-Proteobacterium Rheinheimera sp. F8 in biofilms

Schuster, Anna-Kathrin (2017)

Abstract F8 is a gram-negative γ-Proteobacterium, which belongs to the genus Rheinheimera. The strain has been isolated from the South Saskatchewan River in Canada (Böckelmann, 2002). It has been discovered in previous studies that F8 releases DNA into the extracellular space (Böckelmann et al., 2006; Böckelmann et al., 2007). The aim of this study was a more detailed analysis of the F8 extrace...

Provision of water by halite deliquescence for Nostoc commune biofilms under Mars relevant surface conditions

Jänchen, Jochen ; Feyh, Nina ; Szewzyk, Ulrich ; de Vera, Jean-Pierre Paul (2015)

Motivated by findings of new mineral related water sources for organisms under extremely dry conditions on Earth we studied in an interdisciplinary approach the water sorption behaviour of halite, soil component and terrestrial Nostoc commune biofilm under Mars relevant environmental conditions. Physicochemical methods served for the determination of water sorption equilibrium data and survival...

Dynamic variation of the microbial community structure during the long-time mono-fermentation of maize and sugar beet silage

Klang, Johanna ; Theuerl, Susanne ; Szewzyk, Ulrich ; Huth, Markus ; Tölle, Rainer ; Klocke, Michael (2015)

This study investigated the development of the microbial community during a long-term (337 days) anaerobic digestion of maize and sugar beet silage, two feedstocks that significantly differ in their chemical composition. For the characterization of the microbial dynamics, the community profiling method terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (TRFLP) in combination with a cloning-seque...