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schroeder_patrick.pdf.jpg2018Entwicklung eines Frühwarnsystems zur Steigerung der Raum-Zeit-Ausbeute einstufiger NawaRo-Biogasanlagen durch AdditivzugabeSchröder, Patrick-
12-Apr-2018Draft genome sequence of strain B 225, an iron-depositing isolate of the genus NovosphingobiumBraun, Burga; Künzel, Sven; Szewzyka, Ulrich-
12-Apr-2018Draft genome sequence of actinobacterial strain Kineosporia sp. R_H_3, a neutrophilic iron-depositing bacteriumBraun, Burga; Künzel, Sven; Schröder, Josephin; Szewzyk, Ulrich-
schroeder_josephin.pdf.jpg2018Microbial population composition of ochrous biofilms and water samples obtained from technical groundwater-fed systemsSchröder, Josephin-
2016Draft Genome Sequence of a Potential Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II)-Oxidizing Bacterium, Aquabacterium parvum B6Zhang, Xiaoxin; Ma, Fang; Szewzyk, Ulrich-
2016Complete Genome Sequence of “Candidatus Viadribacter manganicus” Isolated from a German Floodplain AreaBraun, Burga; Szewzyk, Ulrich-
2016Draft Genome Sequence of Rheinheimera sp. Strain SA_1 Isolated from Iron Backwash Sludge in GermanySchröder, Josephin; Braun, Burga; Liere, Karsten; Szewzyk, Ulrich-
2017Draft Genome Sequence of Ideonella sp. Strain A 288, Isolated from an Iron-Precipitating BiofilmBraun, Burga; Künzel, Sven; Szewzyk, Ulrich-
2017Draft Genome Sequence of the Gram-Positive Neutrophilic Iron-Precipitating Kineosporia sp. Strain A_224Braun, Burga; Künzel, Sven; Szewzyk, Ulrich-
2016Draft Genome Sequence of Rheinheimera sp. F8, a Biofilm-Forming Strain Which Produces Large Amounts of Extracellular DNASchuster, Anna-Kathrin; Szewzyk, Ulrich-
muelow-stollin_ulrike.pdf.jpg2018Zum Verhalten ausgewählter Triazolfungizide in der Umwelt und unter technischen BedingungenMülow-Stollin, Ulrike-
schuster_anna.pdf.jpg2017Production of extracellular DNA (eDNA) of the γ-Proteobacterium Rheinheimera sp. F8 in biofilmsSchuster, Anna-Kathrin-
provision_of_water_by_halite_deliquescence_for_nostoc_commune_biofilms_under_mars_relevant_surface_conditions.pdf.jpg2015Provision of water by halite deliquescence for Nostoc commune biofilms under Mars relevant surface conditionsJänchen, Jochen; Feyh, Nina; Szewzyk, Ulrich; Vera, Jean-Pierre Paul de-
10.1111.1751-7915.12263.pdf.jpg2015Dynamic variation of the microbial community structure during the long-time mono-fermentation of maize and sugar beet silageKlang, Johanna; Theuerl, Susanne; Szewzyk, Ulrich; Huth, Markus; Tölle, Rainer; Klocke, Michael-
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