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Jitter-correction for IR/UV-XUV pump-probe experiments at the FLASH free-electron laser

Savelyev, Evgeny ; Boll, Rebecca ; Bomme, Cédric ; Schirmel, Nora ; Redlin, Harald ; Erk, Benjamin ; Düsterer, Stefan ; Müller, Erland ; Höppner, Hauke ; Toleikis, Sven ; Müller, Jost ; Kristin Czwalinna, Marie ; Treusch, Rolf ; Kierspel, Thomas ; Mullins, Terence ; Trippel, Sebastian ; Wiese, Joss ; Küpper, Jochen ; Brauβe, Felix ; Krecinic, Faruk ; Rouzée, Arnaud ; Rudawski, Piotr ; Johnsson, Per ; Amini, Kasra ; Lauer, Alexandra ; Burt, Michael ; Brouard, Mark ; Christensen, Lauge ; Thøgersen, Jan ; Stapelfeldt, Henrik ; Berrah, Nora ; Müller, Maria ; Ulmer, Anatoli ; Techert, Simone ; Rudenko, Artem ; Rolles, Daniel (2017)

In pump-probe experiments employing a free-electron laser (FEL) in combination with a synchronized optical femtosecond laser, the arrival-time jitter between the FEL pulse and the optical laser pulse often severely limits the temporal resolution that can be achieved. Here, we present a pump-probe experiment on the UV-induced dissociation of 2,6-difluoroiodobenzene (C6H3F2I) molecules performed ...

Ultrafast dynamics of nanoparticles in highly intense X-Ray pulses

Bucher, Maximilian Jakob (2017)

With the advent of X-ray free electron laser, such as the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), structural studies on non-repetitive and non-reproducible nanoparticles, such as single bio-molecules appear imminent. A key challenge to increasing the resolution of single particle imaging is radiation damage. Only a sound understanding of the underlying damage processes, such as the nanoplasma expan...

Laser-induced fluorescence of free diamondoid molecules

Richter, Robert ; Röhr, Merle I. S. ; Zimmermann, Tobias ; Petersen, Jens ; Heidrich, Christoph ; Rahner, Ramon ; Möller, Thomas ; Dahl, Jeremy E. ; Carlson, Robert M. K. ; Mitric, Roland ; Rander, Torbjörn ; Merli, Andrea (2015)

We observe the fluorescence of pristine diamondoids in the gas phase, excited using narrow band ultraviolet laser light. The emission spectra show well- defined features, which can be attributed to transitions from the excited electronic state into different vibrational modes of the electronic ground state. We assign the normal modes responsible for the vibrational bands, and determine the geom...

The Low Density Matter (LDM) beamline at FERMI: optical layout and first commissioning

Svetina, Cristian ; Grazioli, Cesare ; Mahne, Nicola ; Raimondi, Lorenzo ; Fava, Claudio ; Zangrando, Marco ; Gerusina, Simone ; Alagia, Michele ; Avaldi, Lorenzo ; Cautero, Giuseppe ; Simone, Monica de ; Devetta, Michele ; Fraia, Michele di ; Drabbels, Marcel ; Feyer, Vitaliy ; Finetti, Paola ; Katzy, Raphael ; Kivimäki, Antti ; Lyamayev, Viktor ; Mazza, Tommaso ; Moise, Angelica ; Möller, Thomas ; O'Keeffe, Patrick ; Ovcharenko, Yevheniy ; Piseri, Paolo ; Plekan, Oksana ; Prince, Kevin C. ; Sergo, Rudi ; Stienkemeier, Frank ; Stranges, Stefano ; Coreno, Marcello ; Callegari, Carlo (2015)

The Low Density Matter (LDM) beamline has been built as part of the FERMI free-electron laser (FEL) facility to serve the atomic, molecular and cluster physics community. After the commissioning phase, it received the first external users at the end of 2012. The design and characterization of the LDM photon transport system is described, detailing the optical components of the beamline.