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Optimization of broad-area GaAs diode lasers for high powers and high efficiencies in the temperature range 200-220 K

Frevert, Carlo (2018)

GaAs-based high-power broad area (BA) diode lasers are the most efficient light source in converting electrical into optical energy. Their high power densities, small footprint and high reliability make them essential tools for industrial and scientific applications. In addition, their adjustable wavelength (by choice of semiconductor material) enables their use as optical pumps for a wide rang...

Four wave mixing at 1550 nm in silicon waveguides

Gajda, Andrzej (2017)

Traffic in data communication networks has seen continuous growth over many decades. Taking the example of transport networks we observe a growth rate of about 60% per year in capacity. The increase in traffic is supported by various technologies but mainly driven by applications related to social media, moving images, internet of things etc. An important contender for future increase of fiber ...

Waveguide integrated MQW p-i-n photodiodes

Zhou, Gan (2017)

In this work, waveguide integrated multiple quantum well p-i-n photodiodes are developed and characterized. Compared to bulk photodiodes, multiple quantum well photodiodes have special properties including a large and tunable polarization dependent loss. It makes multiple quantum well photodiodes a potential candidate for various applications, especially in polarization-diversity coherent optic...

Fiber optical parametric amplifiers in optical communication systems

Marhic, Michel E. ; Andrekson, Peter A. ; Petropoulos, Periklis ; Radic, Stojan ; Peucheret, Christophe ; Jazayerifar, Mahmoud (2015)

The prospects for using fiber optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) in optical communication systems are reviewed. Phase-insensitive amplifiers (PIAs) and phase-sensitive amplifiers (PSAs) are considered. Low-penalty amplification at/or near 1 Tb/s has been achieved, for both wavelength- and time-division multiplexed formats. High-quality mid-span spectral inversion has been demonstrated at 0.64...