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Waveguide integrated MQW p-i-n photodiodes

Zhou, Gan (2017)

In this work, waveguide integrated multiple quantum well p-i-n photodiodes are developed and characterized. Compared to bulk photodiodes, multiple quantum well photodiodes have special properties including a large and tunable polarization dependent loss. It makes multiple quantum well photodiodes a potential candidate for various applications, especially in polarization-diversity coherent optic...

Fiber optical parametric amplifiers in optical communication systems

Marhic, Michel E. ; Andrekson, Peter A. ; Petropoulos, Periklis ; Radic, Stojan ; Peucheret, Christophe ; Jazayerifar, Mahmoud (2015)

The prospects for using fiber optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) in optical communication systems are reviewed. Phase-insensitive amplifiers (PIAs) and phase-sensitive amplifiers (PSAs) are considered. Low-penalty amplification at/or near 1 Tb/s has been achieved, for both wavelength- and time-division multiplexed formats. High-quality mid-span spectral inversion has been demonstrated at 0.64...