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Wavelet methods for a weighted sparsity penalty for region of interest tomography

Klann, Esther; Quinto, Eric Todd; Ramlau, Ronny (2015)

We consider region of interest (ROI) tomography of piecewise constant functions. Additionally, an algorithm is developed for ROI tomography of piecewise constant functions using a Haar wavelet basi...

Regularization properties of Mumford–Shah-type functionals with perimeter and norm constraints for linear ill-posed problems

Klann, Esther; Ramlau, Ronny (2013)

In this paper we consider the simultaneous reconstruction and segmentation of a function f from measurements g = Kf, where K is a linear operator. Assuming that the inversion of K is illposed, regu...

A Mumford–Shah-type approach to simultaneous reconstruction and segmentation for emission tomography problems with Poisson statistics

Klann, Esther; Ramlau, Ronny; Sun, Peng (2017)

We propose a variational model to simultaneous reconstruction and segmentation in emission tomography. As in the original Mumford–Shah model [27] we use the contour length as penalty term to preser...