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Messdaten zur Absorptionskälteanlage FA2

Kühn, Annett (2018-02-09)

This contribution provides measured data of a single stage H2O/LiBr absorption chiller under partload conditions.

Präzisierungen zur Methode der charakteristischen Gleichungen

Albers, Jan (2017-11-24)

The method of characteristic equations tries to describe the part load behaviour of sorption heat converters (e.g. ab- and adsorption chillers, heat pumps and transformers) in a simple but precise manner. Nevertheless, during the application of the established method some disagreements and inaccuracies occur. For example, the analytically determined parameters of the characteristic equation do ...

CE_Method. A MATLAB function for calculating the part load behaviour of absorption chillers and heat pumps based on (C)haracteristic (E)quations

Albers, Jan (2017-09-26)

The algorithm CE_METHOD calculates the part load behaviour of single stage absorption chillers and heat pumps explicitly as function of inlet temperatures and flow rates. For the characterisation of the chiller or heat pump the heat transfer capabilities (i.e. the UA-values) of five heat exchangers (Desorber, Evaporator, Condenser, Absorber and Solution heat exchanger) have to be known.