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Properties of the Wright-Fisher diffusion with seed banks and multiple islands

Buzzoni, Eugenio (2019)

The main purpose of this thesis is the analysis under several viewpoints both of the Wright-Fisher diffusion with seed bank, introduced in [BGKWB16], and the two-island diffusion, investigated e.g. in [KZH08] and [NG93]. The former simulates a population in which some of the individuals can become inactive for long periods of time, like seeds or dormant bacteria, while the latter is used to inv...

Exponential decay ofcovariances for the supercritical membrane model

Bolthausen, Erwin ; Cipriani, Alessandra ; Kurt, Noemi (2017)

We consider the membrane model, that is the centered Gaussian field on Zdwhose covariance matrix is given by the inverse of the discrete Bilaplacian. We impose aδ-pinning condition, giving a reward of strengthεfor the field to be 0 at any site of the lattice. In this paper we prove that in dimensionsd≥5covariances of the pinned field decay at least exponentially, as opposed to the field without...