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Entwicklung eines Frühwarnsystems zur Steigerung der Raum-Zeit-Ausbeute einstufiger NawaRo-Biogasanlagen durch Additivzugabe

Schröder, Patrick (2018)

Zur Steigerung der Raum-Zeit-Ausbeute in einstufigen, landwirtschaftlichen Biogasanlagen wurden Versuche zur Entwicklung von Frühwarnindikatoren (FWI) für Prozessstörungen und von Maßnahmen zur Prozessstabilisierung, sowie zur Substratzusammensetzung durchgeführt. Ein neuer FWI wurde entwickelt, der A/elCon, das Verhältnis aus der Konzentration organischer Säuren (engl.: org. acids) zur elektr...

Conditioning fixed-bed filters with fine fractions of granulated iron hydroxide (µGFH)

Hilbrandt, Inga ; Ruhl, Aki S. ; Jekel, Martin (2018-09-25)

The fine fraction of granular ferric hydroxide (µGFH, <0.3 mm) is a promising adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals and phosphate, but properties of µGFH were hitherto not known. The present study aimed at characterizing µGFH regarding its physical and chemical properties and at evaluating methods for the conditioning of fixed-bed filters in order to develop a process that combines filtrati...

The Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI)

Chang, Ya-Ju (2018)

Children and sustainable development are mutually supporting to each other. However, children are not widely addressed in existing sustainability assessments. The disregard of children in sustainability assessments can lead to incomplete evaluation of sustainable development. In addition, current children related studies have not yet considered topics with regard to sustainable development with...

Entwicklung und Validierung eines Prüfverfahrens zur Bestimmung der Radon-222-Exhalationsrate aus Bauprodukten in VOC-Emissionsprüfkammern

Hofmann, Michael (2018)

This doctoral thesis describes the development and validation of a practical test procedure for the determination of the radon-222 exhalation rate from building materials under simulated indoor conditions. To ensure practical relevance, the test procedure is based on standardised and validated methods for the determination of emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from materials in emissi...

Analysing impacts on biodiversity within the framework of life cycle assessment

Winter, Lisa (2018)

The flora, fauna and their surrounding ecosystems on earth are drastically decreasing since the era of industrialisation. Currently, the extinction rate of species is measured to be between 0.01% and 0.1% per year and is expected to increase in the future. This decline of life on earth is influencing human well-being because humans are dependent on the services ecosystems provide. In order to c...

Assessment of abiotic and biotic resource use for products and regions in the context of sustainable development

Bach, Vanessa (2018)

Resources are the basis for a thriving industrial and technological development and therefore for prosperity of present and future generations. With increasing resource use, challenges with regard to (physical and socio-economic) availability of abiotic and biotic resources and raw materials, pollution of the environment as well as social impacts associated with resource extraction and use aris...

Optimierung der passiven Dialyse zur Inline-Probenvorbereitung in der Ionenchromatographie

Markeviciute, Inga (2018)

The focus of this Ph.D. Thesis is the instrumental improvement and optimization of a commercially available system for stopped-flow dialysis in hyphenation with ion chromatography. The two main aspects of the present thesis are the application of dialysis membranes permitting better separation of potentially interfering compounds and shortening of the dialysis time required to achieve concentra...

Application options of the Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI) – assessing the status of sustainable development and establishing social impact pathways

Chang, Ya-Ju ; Lehmann, Annekatrin ; Winter, Lisa ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2018-07-02)

The needs of children and their vulnerability to diseases, violence and poverty are different from those of adults. The Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI) was thus developed in previous work to evaluate the status of sustainable development for countries with a focus on children and triple-bottom-line thinking. This study proposes application options to put the SCDI into practice. The S...

Optimierung der normgerechten Intensitätsbewertung und Untersuchung weiterer Referenzgerüche zur Qualitätssicherung

Brosig, Laura (2018)

For energy saving purposes buildings are constructed increasingly airtight. Due to insufficient ventilation emissions from building materials and products might accumulate indoors. Not only emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) may cause impact on health and well-being of occupants but odours as well. Therefore, their perceived intensity can be assessed based on acetone as reference sub...

Identifikation und Detektion von Indikatororganismen in technischen Systemen

Schleicher, Maria (2018)

Wasser ist ein essentieller Grundstoff für alle Organismen der Erde und damit einer der wichtigsten Ressourcen. Die Forschung auf dem Gebiet der Wasserwiederverwendung und Wasserrückgewinnung ist von enormer Bedeutung. Durch die Teilnahme an einem internationalen Forschungsprojekt entstand die Motivation, Überwachungs- und Kontrolloptionen für Desinfektionsprozesse weiterzuentwickeln. In der ko...

Waste prevention for sustainable resource and waste management

Sakai, Shin-ichi ; Yano, Yasuhiro ; Asari, Misuzu ; Yanagawa, Ritsuki ; Matsuda, Takeshi ; Yoshida, Hideto ; Yamada, Tetsuji ; Kajiwara, Natsuko ; Suzuki, Go ; Kunisue, Tatsuya ; Takahashi, Shin ; Tomoda, Keijiro ; Wuttke, Joachim ; Mählitz, Paul ; Rotter, Vera Susanne ; Grosso, Mario ; Astrup, Thomas Fruergaard ; Cleary, Julian ; Oh, Gil-Jong ; Liu, Lili ; Li, Jinhui ; Ma, Hwong-wen ; Chi, Ngo Kim ; Moore, Stephen (2017-02-21)

Although the 2Rs (reduce and reuse) are considered high-priority approaches, there has not been enough quantitative research on effective 2R management. The purpose of this paper is to provide information obtained through the International Workshop in Kyoto, Japan, on 11–13 November 2015, which included invited experts and researchers in several countries who were in charge of 3R policies, and ...

The WULCA consensus characterization model for water scarcity footprints: assessing impacts of water consumption based on available water remaining (AWARE)

Boulay, Anne-Marie ; Bare, Jane ; Benini, Lorenzo ; Berger, Markus ; Lathuillière, Michael J. ; Manzardo, Alessandro ; Margni, Manuele ; Motoshita, Masaharu ; Núñez, Montserrat ; Pastor, Amandine Valerie ; Ridoutt, Bradley ; Oki, Taikan ; Worbe, Sebastien ; Pfister, Stephan (2017-06-08)

Purpose Life cycle assessment (LCA) has been used to assess freshwater-related impacts according to a new water footprint framework formalized in the ISO 14046 standard. To date, no consensus-based approach exists for applying this standard and results are not always comparable when different scarcity or stress indicators are used for characterization of impacts. This paper presents the outcom...

The Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI) for countries

Chang, Ya-Ju ; Lehmann, Annekatrin ; Winter, Lisa ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2018-05-14)

Despite the relevance of children in inheriting and shaping society, an index assessing sustainable development with a focus on children is missing. To tackle this gap, this study established the Sustainable Child Development Index (SCDI) by considering child development topics in the context of inter-generational equity and applying indicators with available statistical data on country level. ...

Addressing sustainability and flexibility in manufacturing via smart modular machine tool frames to support sustainable value creation

Peukert, Bernd ; Benecke, Stephan ; Clavell, Janire ; Neugebauer, Sabrina ; Nissen, Nils F. ; Uhlmann, Eckart ; Lang, Klaus-Dieter ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2015)

Sustainability and flexibility are crucial aspects in todays’ manufacturing processes. Within this study an innovative approach of modular machine tool frames (MMTF) equipped with micro system technology is presented that aims at enhancing flexibility of mutable production processes. This new approach extends the existing reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMS). MMTF goes beyond the platform...

Sustainable corporate development measured by intangible and tangible resources as well as targeted by safeguard subjects

Orth, Ronald ; Scheumann, René ; Galeitzke, Mila ; Wolf, Kirana ; Kohl, Holger ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2015)

The needed shift towards sustainable development in existing business processes can be achieved through the combination of the capital based approach and the life cycle sustainability assessment. This contribution performs an analysis and selection of assessment tools and indicators regarding the resources used in organisational processes and the life cycle of the products or services to measur...

Environmental and Social Life Cycle Assessment of welding technologies

Chang, Ya-Ju ; Sproesser, Gunther ; Neugebauer, Sabrina ; Wolf, Kirana ; Scheumann, René ; Pittner, Andreas ; Rethmeier, Michael ; Finkbeiner, Matthias (2015)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) are applied in evaluating possible social and environmental impacts of the state-of-art welding technologies, such as Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW), Manual Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Automatic GMAW and Automatic Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding (LAHW). The LCA results indicate that for 1 meter weld seam, MMAW consumes the largest ...

The role of water level fluctuations in the promotion of phytoplankton and macrophyte pioneer species in a tropical reservoir in the Brazilian semiarid

Maciel Barros Lima, Débora (2018)

In the semiarid northeast Brazil, water paucity instigates multiple uses of reservoirs, such as hydropower production, drinking water supply, water supply for livestock and for irrigation, fisheries, aquaculture and leisure activities. As consequence of high anthropogenic pressure, most reservoirs in this region are fragile and eutrophicated systems. Blooms of algae and macrophytes are commonly...

Draft genome sequence of strain B 225, an iron-depositing isolate of the genus Novosphingobium

Braun, Burga ; Künzel, Sven ; Szewzyka, Ulrich (2018-04-12)

Here, we report the draft genome sequence of Novosphingobium sp. strain B 225, an iron-depositing bacterium isolated from a phenazone-amended naturally grown biofilm. This biofilm was grown in the Unteres Odertal National Park, Germany. Illumina NextSeq sequencing was used to determine the genome of the strain.

Draft genome sequence of actinobacterial strain Kineosporia sp. R_H_3, a neutrophilic iron-depositing bacterium

Braun, Burga ; Künzel, Sven ; Schröder, Josephin ; Szewzyk, Ulrich (2018-04-12)

The draft genome sequence of a neutrophilic iron-depositing actinobacterial strain, Kineosporia sp. R_H_3, is reported here. Detailed analysis of the genome can elucidate the role of specific cytochromes for Fe oxidation and how this organism might receive energy from Fe oxidation. To date, this is the second publicly available genome sequence of a Kineosporia strain.

Microbial population composition of ochrous biofilms and water samples obtained from technical groundwater-fed systems

Schröder, Josephin (2018)

This study assessed the abundance, composition, diversity and functional organisation of bacterial communities correlated to chemical water parameters in four technical groundwater-fed systems. Each sampling site was vulnerable to iron-clogging and was characterised by its own specific technical and hydrochemical conditions. Biofilm and groundwater samples were obtained and compared for drinkin...