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information-12-00155-v2.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2021Information Bottleneck for a Rayleigh Fading MIMO Channel with an Oblivious RelayXu, Hao; Yang, Tianyu; Caire, Giuseppe; Shamai Shitz, Shlomo-
fengler_alexander.pdf.jpg2021Sparse recovery based grant-free random access for massive machine-type communicationFengler, Alexander-
entropy-23-00016-v2.pdf.jpg24-Dec-2020An Optimality Summary: Secret Key Agreement with Physical Unclonable FunctionsGünlü, Onur; Schaefer, Rafael-
entropy-23-00025-v2.pdf.jpg26-Dec-2020Cache-Aided General Linear Function RetrievalWan, Kai; Sun, Hua; Ji, Mingyue; Tuninetti, Daniela; Caire, Giuseppe-
entropy-22-01364-v2.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2020Skew Convolutional CodesSidorenko, Vladimir; Li, Wenhui; Günlü, Onur; Kramer, Gerhard-
bayat_mozhgan.pdf.jpg2020Coded caching over realistic and scalable wireless networksBayat, Mozhgan-
entropy-22-00679-v2.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2020Stealthy Secret Key GenerationLin, Pin-Hsun; Janda, Carsten R.; Jorswieck, Eduard A.; Schaefer, Rafael F.-
song_xiaoshen.pdf.jpg2020Millimeter wave wireless communication: initial acquisition, data communication and relay network investigationSong, Xiaoshen-
benzin_andreas.pdf.jpg2020Design and Implementation of centralized signal processing low latency massive MIMO SDR systemsBenzin, Andreas Florian-
2020_White_Paper_Sensor_AI.pdf.jpgJun-2020Sensor Artificial Intelligence and its Application to Space Systems - A White PaperBörner, Anko; Heinz-Wilhelm, Hübers; Kao, Odej; Schmidt, Florian; Becker, Sören; Denzler, Joachim; Matolin, Daniel; Haber, David; Lucia, Sergio; Samek, Wojciech; Triebel, Rudolph; Eichstädt, Sascha; Biessmann, Felix; Kruspe, Anna; Jung, Peter; Kok, Manon; Gallego, Guillermo; Berger, Ralf-
entropy-20-00340.pdf.jpg3-May-2018Secure and Reliable Key Agreement with Physical Unclonable FunctionsGünlü, Onur; Kernetzky, Tasnad; İşcan, Onurcan; Sidorenko, Vladimir; Kramer, Gerhard; Schaefer, Rafael-
entropy-21-00324-v2.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2019Efficient Algorithms for Coded Multicasting in Heterogeneous Caching NetworksVettigli, Giuseppe; Ji, Mingyue; Shanmugam, Karthikeyan; Llorca, Jaime; Tulino, Antonia M.; Caire, Giuseppe-
entropy-19-00480-v4.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2017Robust Biometric Authentication from an Information Theoretic PerspectiveGrigorescu, Andrea; Boche, Holger; Schaefer, Rafael F.-
entropy-19-00349-v2.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2017Artificial Noise-Aided Physical Layer Security in Underlay Cognitive Massive MIMO Systems with Pilot ContaminationAl-Hraishawi, Hayder; Baduge, Gayan Amarasuriya Aruma; Schaefer, Rafael F.-
fams-05-00026.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2019Derandomizing Compressed Sensing With Combinatorial DesignJung, Peter; Kueng, Richard; Mixon, Dustin G.-
fams-05-00023.pdf.jpg28-May-2019Simultaneous Structures in Convex Signal Recovery—Revisiting the Convex Combination of NormsKliesch, Martin; Szarek, Stanislaw J.; Jung, Peter-
li_yilin.pdf.jpg2019Efficient data delivery in 5G mobile communication networksLi, Yilin-
1687-1499-2014-120.pdf.jpg2014Autonomous algorithms for centralized and distributed interference coordination: a virtual layer-based approachKasparick, Martin; Wunder, Gerhard-
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