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Filling disocclusions in extrapolated virtual views using advanced texture synthesis methods

Koeppel, Martin (2017)

Stereoscopic Three Dimensional (3-D) video technologies have been established in the mainstream. Many cinemas already show movies in 3-D. Due to the higher visual information, 3-D video technology is increasingly used in other application areas, e.g. medical and logistical applications. However, the need to wear additional glasses to create a 3-D impression for the viewer is regarded as a major...

Video processing for panoramic streaming using HEVC and its scalable extensions

Sánchez de la Fuente, Yago ; Skupin, Robert ; Schierl, Thomas (2016)

Panoramic streaming is a particular way of video streaming where an arbitrary Region-of-Interest (RoI) is transmitted from a high-spatial resolution video, i.e. a video covering a very “wide-angle” (much larger than the human field-of-view – e.g. 360°). Some transport schemes for panoramic video delivery have been proposed and demonstrated within the past decade, which allow users to navigate i...