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Synthesized view distortion computation by rendering for depth map encoding

Tech, Gerhard (2019)

Depth-based 3D video allows to synthesize additional views for auto-stereoscopic displays. For synthesized view distortion (SVD) aware compression of the depth data, prior methods consider only an SVD estimate. This thesis targets a different approach: Rendering of the synthesized view and direct computation of the exact SVD. This approach raises several questions, which this thesis addresses ...

Data-driven estimation and neurophysiological assessment of perceived visual quality

Bosse, Sebastian (2018)

Perceptual quality is one of the key aspects of modern multimedia communication systems. Nevertheless, the questions of how to reliably assess quality as perceived by humans, how to computationally estimate perceived quality and how to incorporate computational models of quality in multimedia systems can still not be answered satisfactorily, despite decades of research. However, these problems ...

Filling disocclusions in extrapolated virtual views using advanced texture synthesis methods

Köppel, Martin (2017)

Stereoscopic Three Dimensional (3-D) video technologies have been established in the mainstream. Many cinemas already show movies in 3-D. Due to the higher visual information, 3-D video technology is increasingly used in other application areas, e.g. medical and logistical applications. However, the need to wear additional glasses to create a 3-D impression for the viewer is regarded as a major...

Video processing for panoramic streaming using HEVC and its scalable extensions

Sánchez de la Fuente, Yago ; Skupin, Robert ; Schierl, Thomas (2016)

Panoramic streaming is a particular way of video streaming where an arbitrary Region-of-Interest (RoI) is transmitted from a high-spatial resolution video, i.e. a video covering a very “wide-angle” (much larger than the human field-of-view – e.g. 360°). Some transport schemes for panoramic video delivery have been proposed and demonstrated within the past decade, which allow users to navigate i...