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1-s2.0-S2212827115001687-main.pdf.jpg2015Validation of Product-Service Systems in Virtual RealityExner, Konrad; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827115004795-main.pdf.jpg2015Target-oriented modularization - Addressing sustainability design goals in product modularizationHalstenberg, Friedrich A.; Buchert, Tom; Bonvoisin, Jérémy; Lindow, Kai; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S0007850616301986-main.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2016Continuous maintenance and the future – foundations and technological challengesRoy, Rajkumar; Stark, Rainer; Tracht, Kirsten; Takata, Shozo; Mori, Masahiko-
1-s2.0-S2212827115004230-main.pdf.jpg2015Hybrid Simulators for Product Service-SystemsBeckmann-Dobrev, Boris; Kind, Simon; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827117301683-main.pdf.jpg2017Proactive maintenance as success factor for use-oriented product-service systemsExner, Konrad; Schnürmacher, Christian; Adolphy, Sebastian; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827116000809-main.pdf.jpg2016How to Make People Make a Change – Using Social Labelling for Raising Awareness on Sustainable ManufacturingRoeder, Ina; Scheibleger, Matthias; Stark, Rainer-
sustainability-11-03517.pdf.jpg27-Jun-2019Leveraging Circular Economy through a Methodology for Smart Service Systems EngineeringHalstenberg, Friedrich A.; Lindow, Kai; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S2212827115004631-main.pdf.jpg2015Simulation of Product-Service-Systems piloting with agent-based models (outlined revision)Wrasse, Kevin; Hayka, Haygazun; Stark, Rainer-
2017_exner_etal_maturitymodel.pdf.jpg2017Maturity model and action recommendationExner, Konrad; Zimpfer, Raphael; Stark, Rainer-
1-s2.0-S221282711730121X-main.pdf.jpg2017SHPbench – a smart hybrid prototyping based environment for early testing, verification and (user based) validation of advanced driver assistant systems of carsBuchholz, Christian; Vorsatz, Thomas; Kind, Simon; Stark, Rainer-