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zhao_etal_2018.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2018Refining ionospheric delay modeling for undifferenced and uncombined GNSS data processingZhao, Qile; Wang, YinTong; Gu, Shengfeng; Zheng, Fu; Shi, Chuang; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
shi_etal_2018.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2018Multi-GNSS satellite clock estimation constrained with oscillator noise model in the existence of data discontinuityShi, Chuang; Guo, Shiwei; Shengfeng, Gu; Yang, Xinhao; Gong, Xiaopeng; Deng, Zhiguo; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
remotesensing-13-01470-v2.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2021Performance Evaluation of VTEC GIMs for Regional Applications during Different Solar Activity Periods, Using RING TEC ValuesTornatore, Vincenza; Cesaroni, Claudio; Pezzopane, Michael; Alizadeh, Mohamad Mahdi; Schuh, Harald-
Xu_etal_Observable_2021.pdf.jpg12-Apr-2021Observable quality assessment of broadband very long baseline interferometry systemXu, Ming H.; Anderson, James M.; Heinkelmann, Robert; Lunz, Susanne; Schuh, Harald; Wang, Guangli-
Nilsson_etal_Improving_2017.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2017Improving the modeling of the atmospheric delay in the data analysis of the Intensive VLBI sessions and the impact on the UT1 estimatesNilsson, Tobias; Soja, Benedikt; Balidakis, Kyriakos; Karbon, Maria; Heinkelmann, Robert; Deng, Zhiguo; Schuh, Harald-
Männel_etal_Correcting_2020.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2019Correcting surface loading at the observation level: impact on global GNSS and VLBI station networksMännel, Benjamin; Dobslaw, Henryk; Dill, Robert; Glaser, Susanne; Balidakis, Kyriakos; Thomas, Maik; Schuh, Harald-
Semmling_etal_Sea-ice_2019.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2019Sea-ice concentration derived from GNSS reflection measurements in Fram StraitSemmling, A. Maximilian; Rösel, Anja; Divine, Dmitry V.; Gerland, Sebastian; Stienne, Georges; Rebul, Serge; Ludwig, Marcel; Wickert, Jens; Schuh, Harald-
10-Oct-2020Integrated processing of ground- and space-based GPS observations: improving GPS satellite orbits observed with sparse ground networksHuang, Wen; Männel, Benjamin; Sakic, Pierre; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
nguyen_thai_chinh.pdf.jpg2021Use of the East Asia GPS receiving network to observe ionospheric VTEC variations, scintillation and EIA features during the Solar Cycle 24Nguyen, Thai Chinh-
Belda_etal_Improved_2017.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2017An improved empirical harmonic model of the celestial intermediate pole offsets from a global VLBI solutionBelda, Santiago; Heinkelmann, Robert; Ferrándiz, José M.; Karbon, Maria; Nilsson, Tobias; Schuh, Harald-
Karbon_etal_Earth_2017.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2017Earth orientation parameters from VLBI determined with a Kalman filterKarbon, Maria; Soja, Benedikt; Nilsson, Tobias; Deng, Zhiguo; Heinkelmann, Robert; Schuh, Harald-
Nikolaidou_etal_Impact_2018.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2018Impact of different NWM-derived mapping functions on VLBI and GPS analysisNikolaidou, Thalia; Balidakis, Kyriakos; Nievinski, Felipe; Santos, Marcelo; Schuh, Harald-
Modiri_etal_Polar_2018.pdf.jpg11-Jul-2018Polar motion prediction using the combination of SSA and Copula-based analysisModiri, Sadegh; Belda, Santiago; Heinkelmann, Robert; Hoseini, Mostafa; Ferrándiz, José M.; Schuh, Harald-
Tsai_etal_Global_2018.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2018Global morphology of ionospheric sporadic E layer from the FormoSat-3/COSMIC GPS radio occultation experimentTsai, Lung-Chih; Su, Shin-Yi; Liu, Chao-Han; Schuh, Harald; Wickert, Jens; Alizadeh, Mohamad Mahdi-
Ince_etal_ICGEM_2019.pdf.jpg15-May-2019ICGEM – 15 years of successful collection and distribution of global gravitational models, associated services, and future plansInce, E. Sinem; Barthelmes, Franz; Reißland, Sven; Elger, Kirsten; Förste, Christoph; Flechtner, Frank; Schuh, Harald-
Modiri_etal_new_2020.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2020A new hybrid method to improve the ultra-short-term prediction of LODModiri, Sadegh; Belda, Santiago; Hoseini, Mostafa; Heinkelmann, Robert; Ferrándiz, José M.; Schuh, Harald-
Ge_etal_Improving_2020.pdf.jpg17-May-2020Improving Low Earth Orbit (LEO) prediction with accelerometer dataGe, Haibo; Li, Bofeng; Ge, Maorong; Nie, Liangwei; Schuh, Harald-
Kepkar_etal_Occurrence_2020.pdf.jpg13-May-2020Occurrence climatology of equatorial plasma bubbles derived using FormoSat-3 ∕ COSMIC GPS radio occultation dataKepkar, Ankur; Arras, Christina; Wickert, Jens; Schuh, Harald; Alizadeh, Mahdi; Tsai, Lung-Chih-
Li_etal_GPS_2020.pdf.jpg27-May-2020GPS + Galileo + BeiDou precise point positioning with triple-frequency ambiguity resolutionLi, Pan; Jiang, Xinyuan; Zhang, Xiaohong; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
Xu_etal_Evidence_2021.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2021Evidence of the Gaia–VLBI position differences being related to radio source structureXu, Ming H.; Lunz, Susanne; Anderson, James M.; Savolainen, Tuomas; Zubko, Nataliya; Schuh, Harald-
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